Greetings to the Socialist-in-Chief 20 January, 2009

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
– Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

To quote those bimbos, the Dixie Twits, I’m ‘not ready to make nice’.

We just spent 8 years listening to vile, rancid, visceral BDS every single day from HuffPo, DailyKos, and the MSM. Years of gutter journalism, anti-American hatespeech, and a concerted effort on the part of the malevolent Left to eviscerate this country, has proven that we need to fight tooth and nail to take our country back.

To all the morons who suddenly have a new-found ‘pride’ in America now that a socialist is in the White House:

Old Glory represents people far better than you—the veterans and those still serving—who earned your right to live your life in as much ignorance as you wish. When the next Republican president is elected, you can go back to flying your Soviet rags while you lament the loss of your communist utopia, as demonstrated by participants in your little Obama victory rallies:

Since the 2000 election, we were saturated with indignant leftwing turds telling us that ‘dissent is patriotic’ and we should ‘question authority’. This was done throughout a time of war, no less.

Well, no less important is the questioning and dissent from those opposed to the coming socialist regime.

On that note, this guy nails it:

Letter: Obama can expect same treatment Bush received

To the editor:
The selective memory of liberals never ceases to amaze me. In the midst of a Sound Off whine, the commentator labeled “No Democrats?” bleated, “Why are people so mean and hateful of this future president? I don’t understand this. Give the guy a chance.”

Give Obama a chance? Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Remember the screams that Bush stole the 2000 election? That he was poisoning children by putting arsenic in the water? That he was killing millions by not funding stem-cell research?

Remember the bumper stickers? “He’s not MY president!” “Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.” “Re-Defeat Bush” and, of course, the ubiquitous “1-20-09.”

Let’s remember the supposed “loyal opposition” — Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate screaming that the war in Iraq was “lost,” Jack Murtha slandering an innocent platoon of marines as cold-blooded murderers and Washington Congressman Jim McDermott telling CNN “I trust Saddam Hussein more than I trust George Bush.”

Have you forgotten Nancy Pelosi traveling to Syria to meet with Bashir Assad, or Jimmy Carter groveling to Hugo Chavez, both insisting they had as much right to conduct foreign policy as the elected president of the United States?

Or let’s just talk plain slander — “BusHitler,” “Bush Lied, People Died,” “Bush is a cocaine freak.” “Bush is a dry drunk.” “Bush is a fascist.” “Bush knew Sept. 11 was going to happen.” Just for fun, why not Google “chimp” or “chimpy Bush.”

You’ll find thousands of Web sites comparing George Bush to a monkey, or slamming him as a subliterate moron who can’t even tie his own shoes.

For the last eight years, the Democrats have blackmailed this country. “Put us in office,” they made it clear, “or we will ruin you. We will lie. We will give aid and comfort to the enemy. We will leak top-secret intelligence to the New York Times. We will use organizations like Code Pink and CAIR to funnel money and weapons to the Iraqi resistance. We will slime George Bush at every turn and do our best to destroy his administration.” But now that B. Hussein Obama has been elected, people like “No Democrats?” think we should just shrug our shoulders and fall in line?

Sorry, no. Your filthy party has poisoned the political well, and it’s long past time you had a good stiff dose poured down your throats. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism!” you screamed incessantly, and so I plan to dissent.

Obama is not my president. I do not wish him well. I will laugh at his mistakes and cheer his stumbles. I want the GOP to block, hinder and slam him at every turn. I want him driven from office four years from now a broken man with his administration in ruins.

In short, I want Obama given the same respect and deference that Democrats have given George Bush since November of 2000.

Some more food for thought:

You’ll notice that not one single leftwing pissant who trolls on here and other conservative sites, ever pops up on a patriotic thread praising the military, or acknowledges success of Bush’s counterterrorism efforts which kept this country safe.  Not one of them has the decency to thank or appreciate the troops who fight Islamic terrorists hellbent on a world Caliphate. 

But you can bet your ass they will post every mealy-mouthed anti-military/anti-U.S. diatribe they can muster. 

I half-expect it from foreign douche bags who usually hate us except when it’s time to pull them out of an economic crisis, natural disaster, or rescue them from invaders. What’s worse is putting up with homegrown malfeasants who rely on the sacrifice of those they despise, but would never move to another country.

Plan on having us scutinize and raise hell about Obama’s policies, who he associates with, and how he got into power, for the next four years. He’s a charlatan and an empty suit who will take this country to hell in a socialist handbasket.

Is it too soon to demand impeachment?

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