Gun-Grabbing New York Authorities Confiscate Parent’s Guns Over Child’s Water Pistol

When liberals talk about “gun control” this is exactly what they  want.

The hysteria by over-zealous authorities has reached a new level.

A Commack father is pursuing legal action after his pistol license was suspended when his 10-year-old son allegedly talked about using a water gun on bullies who had picked on his friends in school.

John Mayer, who posted his story on, said the issue stemmed from a March 1 incident at Pines Elementary in Hauppauge.

According to Mayer, his son spoke with a few of his classmates about a pushing incident on the schoolyard, and although Mayer’s son was not involved in the scuffle, he and two of the other boys talked about bringing a water, paintball and BB gun with them to the house of the classmates that did the pushing. While Mayer’s lawyer said that none of the boys actually have any of the toy guns mentioned, word about the perceived threats got around to the principal, who not only suspended Mayer’s son for two days, but also filed a police report.

“What the school did was atrocious,” Mayer’s lawyer, James Murtha, said. “He’s a good kid, who has been discriminated against severely by the school district.”

According to Mayer’s lawyer, the other two boys involved in the conversation were not suspended.

A spokesperson from the Hauppauge School District said that privacy laws prevent district administrators from talking about the incident. The district released the following statement:

“Please be advised that the Hauppauge Public School District followed appropriate protocols with respect to this matter. The District is guided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal law that protects the privacy of students, and thus cannot provide comment relative to any of its students.”

“If this wasn’t bad enough, the police were sent to my residence and I was advised that my guns may be taken from me. This can’t be happening, I thought. But it was,” Mayer said.

That following Monday, Mayer received a call from the pistol licensing office, stating that police would be at his house to remove his guns and suspend his license.

“I attempted to explain that this must be a mistake, no wrong doing occurred on my part. My son has no access to any of my guns. The officer that came to my residence saw that all my guns were secured. Pistol Licensing was not interested in my side of the story. They were only interested in what happened with my 10-year-old son in school,” he said.

When Mayer asked police when his license would be restored, he said that police told him he would have to wait until his son is 18 years old and moves out of the home. According to police, if Mayer wants his handguns back sooner, he could pursue an administrative hearing or other legal recourse. However, those are pricey endeavors.

“The cost, so far, about $6,500 monetarily. Emotionally, the cost is far, far higher. That can’t be calculated. All my handguns are gone, my license is suspended and my long arms are out of the house waiting to be sold at a local store,” Mayer said.

Murtha said that Suffolk County Police not only hampered Mayer’s rights to have a gun, but also harassed and threatened to embarrass him in front of his neighbors. He also stated that police threatened to interrogate the 10-year-old without Meyer’s permission.

……Murtha said that he is about to get very active on the case.

“It’s completely absurd,” he said. However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges. “We’ve been involved in cases and situations where police have severely injured or hampered someone’s rights,” he said.

The attorney said that his client would likely be pressing charges against both Suffolk County Police and Hauppauge School District in federal court.

“We see enough wrong doing on both parties to be going toward a federal cause of action because of the civil rights implication,” Murtha said.

Congratulations, New York. You’re the proud residents of a Police State.

Out of control paranoid zealots that have taken over the American school system and law enforcement.  They are incapable of making reasoned, common sense decisions.

Children who have cupcakes decorated with toy Soldiers, shape a Pop-Tart into a gun, play “Rescue the World” by throwing a fake grenade at “evil forces”, point a Hello Kitty bubble gun at a classmate, or make a gun gesture with their little hands, are considered armed and dangerous.

Their law-abiding, gun owning parents are also considered a menace to society, because gawd only knows just how lethal those little tykes can be with their playtime imaginations.

But remember, pushing radical leftwing propaganda, taking away a child’s homemade lunch, teaching the art of “fisting”, sexual positions, porn stars and bestiality as part of “sex education”, and the indoctrination of Islamofascism, are all part of academic life in American schools.

The State knows how to raise your children better than you.

Dear Leader said  that he can’t confiscate your guns because he’s  “constrained by a system our founders put in place”, yet he’s been trampling all over the constraints since he took office.


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