GW Orders Government Contractors to Hire Legal Workers

President Bush has signed an executive order requiring contractors and others who do business with the federal government to make sure their employees can legally work in the U.S.

Bush signed the order Friday and the White House announced it Monday.

The federal government has had some embarrassing moments when illegal workers have been discovered to be working for contractors they’ve hired, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in a news conference. For that reason it’s trying to get its own house in order, Chertoff said.

No shit, Chertoff. I lost count of how many times I called the ICE over illegals working at Ft. Meade and Bolling AFB, when I was stationed in D.C.

“The federal government should lead by example and not merely by exhortation,” he said.

Wow. I think a light bulb finally went off over his bald dome.

The order says federal departments and agencies must require contractors to use an electronic system to verify that the workers are eligible to work in the U.S.

Homeland Security operates the Web-based E-Verify system, which Chertoff said 1,000 employers a week are signing up to use. The system allows employers to check Social Security numbers provided by employees. The order would affect hundreds of thousands of workers, at the least, and potentially millions, Chertoff said.

……”It is the policy of the executive branch to enforce fully the immigration laws of the United States, including the detection and removal of illegal aliens and the imposition of legal sanctions against employers that hire illegal aliens,” the executive order says.

Great. Now how about enforcing the laws against the ones who illegally cross the border. And build a wall, while you’re at it.

Most employees fill out I-9 forms and submit accompanying documents that employers generally look over to determine whether the worker is legitimate. With E-Verify system, employers enter a name and Social Security number into a computer using the Internet.

That’s horseshit. I’ve seen the hoards of illegals throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C., and there’s no way in hell that each of them has a legitimate I-9 form.

……Also Monday, Chertoff said Homeland Security is awarding Boeing Co. contracts to build two sections of Arizona “virtual fence” that are a version of a prototype known as Project 28 that failed to perform as expected. Chertoff said Boeing will use fixed towers, radar, remote-controlled cameras, sensors and other technology in two areas of Arizona.

That’s funny as hell. A “virtual fence”. So, that means the illegals will simply smile and wave at the cameras as they skip across the border.

How about a real  wall, roving armed Border Patrols, and guard towers with personnel equipped with rifles? That would be real  border security.

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