Hamas/PLO Supporters Crawl Out of the Woodwork to March, Riot, Assault, and Cheer the Atrocities Against Israel

Anti Israel protests in London.

Muzzie Minnesota AG Keith Ellison promotes Hamas rally.

Attacks on Jews during “day of rage”.

Leftwing university students hold pro-PLO rallies.

BLM reared its ugly head and tweeted support for Hamas.

Meet Rashida Tlaib’s rogue’s gallery of Israel-hating, terrorist-loving friends.

Cornell University professor calls Hamas terror attack ‘exhilarating’ and ‘energizing’.

UC Davis Professor and terrorist Jemma Decristo is threatening to hunt down Jewish journalists in their homes.


Palestinians claim Israel bombed a hospital. Media reports it. Turns out, it was a Hamas rocket. The media still won’t retract their lies. Palestinians claim Israel bombed a church. Media reports it. Turns out to be a lie….again. The church is still standing.

The governing party of South Africa calling to rid Israel of all Jews.

The New York Times rehired a Hitler-praising Palestinian to cover the Israel-Hamas war.  Another PLO mouthpiece “reporting”.


Anti-Israel protest in Slovenia.

Muzzie terrorist ass-lifters in our capitol. How nice.



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