Hannity Floats Some Snark Over Hillary’s Tampering With Evidence, Lib Media Goes Ape Shit

Sean Hannity simply recapped everything Hillary’s aides did to their devices, and nothing was ever done about it.

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The sarcasm in Sean Hannity’s advice to witnesses in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe to “bash” their cellphones was conveniently lost on his critics.

The Fox News host was not actually condoning tampering with evidence during his monologue Wednesday, though triggered liberals quickly grabbed their pitchforks and torches.

But Hannity did have a very clear point to make about the Mueller “witch hunt” and the special counsel’s “pitbull” team.

Investigators in the probe are “demanding that witnesses turn in their phones,” he said. “Even texts that are on what are called encrypted apps, like Whatsapp or Signal.”

Hannity then made a comparison to Hillary Clinton’s private email server during her time as secretary of state and the FBI investigation it prompted.

“Maybe Mueller’s witnesses, I don’t know,” Hannity said, “if I advised them to follow Hillary Clinton’s lead, delete all your emails and then acid-wash your emails and hard drives on the phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little itsy bitsy pieces, use BleachBit, remove the sim cards.”

Hanity continued, saying, “then take the pieces and hand them over to Robert Mueller, and say, Hillary Rodham Clinton, this is equal justice under the law.”

The Fox News host was referring, of course, to the more than 30,000 emails of Clinton’s that were found to have been destroyed. Clinton claimed the emails were deleted as many of them were on personal and private matters.

“How do you think that would work out for everybody who Mueller’s demanding their phones of tonight?” Hannity asked.

“I’m certain the result would not be the same as Hillary’s,” arguing that Clinton could apparently get away with it but Trump’s allies can not.

Liberals immediately unleashed their attacks on Hannity, accusing him of coercing witnesses into destroying evidence. Democratic Coalition co-founder, Scott Dworkin – who credits himself with helping “uncover #TrumpRussia scandal” – even called for the Fox News host to be indicted.


Liberal morons have reached a new level of autistic behavior. I watched that segment on Hannity’s show, and anyone with half a brain—excluding liberals—would realize that he was using sarcasm to make a point.

Hillary deliberately used an illegal, unsecure server to store and transmit classified information,  deleted incriminating emails at the suggestion of Obama’s DOJ, and lied before Congress. It’s right in front of everyone’s face.  She knew that it was a national security violation, but did it anyway.

All kinds of federal laws were broken.

Comey gave immunity to Clinton aides and IT experts  and destroyed their laptops, which contained evidence related to the investigation. Those aides include Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff, along with two other State Department staffers, John Bentel and Heather Samuelson, Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s former IT aide, and Paul Combetta, an employee at Platte River networks, the firm hired to manage her server after she left the State Department.

Combetta, who went on Reddit requesting technical advice on how to strip a “VIP (VERY VIP)” email address from archives stored on a server he has “full access to“, posed as ‘Stonetear’ on the site, and the ‘VIP’ was indeed Hillary. Combetta used the computer program “Bleachbit” to destroy Clinton’s records, despite an order from Congress to preserve them, and Samuelson also destroyed Clinton’s emails.

Hillary Clinton, along with former FBI director James Comey and DOJ AG Loretta Lynch, aided and abetted the cover up and were complicit in tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.

If witnesses in Mueller’s Deep State persecution should do the same, why not? It sure as hell worked for Hillary.







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  1. The turds in the liberal sewer continually bob to the surface, stink up the surrounding air then sink back down into their world of stupidity. What a complete bunch of lobotomized buffoons.

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