Harvey Weinstein’s Victims: 47 and Counting

Via Vanity Fair

Forty-seven actresses and film-industry figures have come forward so far; below, a running list of their allegations against the former Weinstein Company mogul, updated each time new allegations come to light.
Since The New York Times published its first explosive report about Harvey Weinstein, 47 women and counting have stepped forward with allegations about his sexual misconduct. Many of their allegations are similar: they say that Weinstein invited them to a private room, where he either asked for a naked massage or sexually assaulted them. The majority of the time, Weinstein’s alleged targets were young, aspiring actresses—whom he reportedly preyed upon using his colleagues and his powerful title to cushion against any blowback.
From Angelina Jolie to Rose McGowan to Cara Delevingne to Kate Beckinsale, here are the women who have told their stories thus far. This list will be updated if and when more women come forward.


Read the list of victims at the link to the article.  Each incident is more lurid than the last.

Weinstein’s record of sexual assaults has been a known fact in Hollywood for years, yet it was never broadcast until now.  There’s more Weinsteins in Hollywood. He’s just the tip of the iceberg.



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