Hasan Sentenced to Death for Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack

From Breitbart.

A military court on Wednesday sentenced Maj. Nidal Hasan to death for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, giving the Army psychiatrist a path to the martyrdom he appeared to crave in the attack on unarmed fellow Soldiers.

The American-born Muslim, who has said he acted to protect Islamic insurgents abroad from American aggression, never denied being the gunman. In opening statements, he acknowledged to the jury that he pulled the trigger in a crowded waiting room where troops were getting final medical checkups before deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The same jurors who convicted Hasan last week had just two options: either agree unanimously that Hasan should die or watch the 42-year-old get an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

……”He is a criminal. He is a cold-blooded murderer,” Col. Mike Mulligan said Wednesday in his final plea for a rare military death sentence. “This is not his gift to God. This is his debt to society. This is the cost of his murderous rampage.”

……Death sentences are rare in the military, which has just five other prisoners on death row. The cases trigger a long appeals process. And the president must give final authorization before any service member is executed. No American Soldier has been executed since 1961.

Therein lies the problem. This filthy muzzie piece of shit gets to take up precious space and oxygen on death row for gawd knows how long until his endless succession of appeals run out.

From a previous post:

Just wheel that motherfucker out into an open field and fire as many rounds into his filthy ass as it took to kill 13 Soldiers.  Then strap a bomb to his corpse, blow it to smithereens, scrape up the pieces/parts, and bury them in a hole with a pig carcass.

After his rampage, the Army went looking for scapegoats and reprimanded 9 officers for “leadership failures” and “found that Hasan’s supervisors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked expressed serious concerns about his questionable behavior and poor judgment but failed to heed their own warnings.”

Hasan’s bloody attack would have been prevented if the United States Army didn’t create an environment of fear-based political correctness. The mutherfucker spewed Islamic rhetoric during briefings, signed his emails with “Praise Be to Allah,” and told a female supervisor she was an infidel who would be “ripped to shreds” and “burn in hell” because she was not muslim.

But, no one took it up through the chain of command because gawd forbid that they violate some EO reg and “offend” someone.

This is the same Army hierarchy that refuses to acknowledge radical muslims in the ranks and kowtows to Islamic extremism, but will not hesitate to persecute those who espouse Judeo-Christian philosophy. It also forbids Soldiers to criticize the Taliban, Islam, the muslim male propensity for pedophilia, or the way they oppress women.

The irony is, that unlike the DOD, he has a very clear understanding about the mission and the goals of Islamofascism. They want a world Caliphate, and they are serious about it. Bin Laden’s death hasn’t deterred them one bit.

Nidal Hasan went ahead with his jihad because he could. 

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  1. SARG…damn it gir’…siddown…put that ol’ flintlock back into the closet…they aren’t seekin’ volunteers for the firin’ squad…

    I don’t want you gittin’ into trubble just poppin’ lil’bitty parts off’n that stinkin’ mooooslamb goat molester…

    besides havin’ that much fun would or could be hazardous to yer health…not to mention wettin’ yer camo pantys…

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