“Health Experts”: Defying the COVIDIOCY Lockdown is Bad, Except for the BLM Riots

If you needed more proof that the COVIDIOCY scamdemic is a political hoax, here’s another example:

Gateway Pundit

A group of over 1,000 “health experts” signed a letter supporting the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and riots but are against any conservative, working American or Christian protest gathering.

These dishonest hacks try to explain how the dangerous Black Lives Matter protests and riots are good for society and acceptable during a pandemic.

But these same leftists describe conservative protests against COVID-19 lockdowns as racist and dangerous and should not be allowed.

They actually wrote this in their letter:

These hateful idiots do a great disservice to the American public and their profession.


The intellectually bankrupt Left still pushes hysteria when it’s convenient. Otherwise, go ahead and riot, vandalize, assault, commit arson, and murder to fight “systemic racism”.



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