Holder to Face House Judiciary Committee Today

To the GOP panel:  Have the guts to call Holder a LIAR and a COWARD to his face.

From Fox News.

Attorney General Eric Holder will likely face aggressive questioning at a hearing by the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee Wednesday amid the outcry over the Justice Department’s gathering of phone records at The Associated Press and other scandals within the Obama administration.
The panel’s chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said committee members are planning on asking Holder “pointed” questions about the decision to obtain two months’ worth of telephone records of as many as 20 of the wire service’s reporters and editors.
“Congress and the American people expect answers and accountability,” Goodlatte said.
Holder’s prepared testimony, obtained by Fox News, does not address any of the recent controversies. It is focused on the department’s mission as well as the recent Boston terror attack.
Goodlatte, though, says the committee will also ask Holder about the targeting of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service, which is now the focus of an investigation by the Justice Department.

We’ll see just how tough you get, Goodlatte. Don’t ask, demand that Holder answer for Fast and Furious, the illegal seizure of phone records, and the use of the IRS as an attack dog against patriotic groups and critics.

While you’re at it, tell him to explain:

Why his DOJ refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation.

Ask him about his ties to the illegal home foreclosures of military personnel.

Why he forced the Dayton police department to hire unqualified people just because they’re black.

Why he wouldn’t investigate AIG for fraud while the government gave it taxpayer bailouts.

Why he continued to give ACORN taxpayer funds in spite of its voter fraud, or why he refuses to investigate the widespread voter fraud sponsored by the Democratic Party.

Holder’s and Obama’s malfeasance has a lengthy history. That should keep you busy all fucking day.

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