Holder’s Parting Shot: Blames ‘Racism’ for Criticism….Again

Leftwing rag Politico dutifully gave Holder a forum for an exit interview, which he used as an opportunity to whine, grandstand, and bloviate about the big bad racists who characterize his failures, crimes, and abuse of office as the fault of the percentage of melanin in his skin. When their argument fails, they throw the race card.

Excerpts from the interview:

MIKE ALLEN: Now, there clearly have been times more recently since then when you have felt disrespected on Capitol Hill. How much of that do you think relates to race?

AG. HOLDER: It’s hard to say. You know, hard to look into people’s minds, you know, their hearts.

MIKE ALLEN: But were there times when you thought that was a piece of it?

AG. HOLDER: Yeah, there have been times when I thought that’s at least a piece of it. I think that the primary motivator has probably been political in nature. I’ve not been a person who’s been reluctant to express my own views about certain things, and, you know, that’s kind of who I am, it’s the way I was raised, it’s how I’m wound, and I think that probably generated, you know, the greatest part of the criticism, the unfair treatment that — that I think I’ve got.

MIKE ALLEN: Now, the piece of it that was racial, how did that make you feel?

AG. HOLDER: Yeah, it’s not something that I focused on an awful lot because, you know, the reality is I have a job to do — I had a job to do, and, you know, the criticism is going to come whatever its source. You can’t let it deflect you from, you know, keeping your eyes on the prize.

“Eyes on the prize”.  Nice touch, Holder.

Mike’s knee pads got a real workout.

And what would a Politico interview be without a homage to The Chocolate Jesus:

MIKE ALLEN: How much of the criticism of President Obama is infected with race?

AG. HOLDER: Hard to tell. You know, I certainly don’t think that that’s the primary thing that happens in Washington. I think there are, you know, fringe people around the country.

MIKE ALLEN: More than fringe.

AG. HOLDER: Well, you know, I mean, fringe people around the country who will say, you know, racially based things, but I think, you know—

MIKE ALLEN: But the non-fringe, the other people who criticize this president or have a beef with this president — like, how often do think race is part of that?

Yeah, damn that fringe. They want the limited government, Checks and Balances, individual liberties, and freedoms outlined in the Constitution. They also want government officials held accountable for their actions. How racist.

Obama used race as a major part of his campaign platform in both elections. It’s a staple of his regime. We’re supposed to ignore that tactic when it’s used at their convenience.  His supporters voted pigment and rhetoric over substance. They installed a corrupt, petty little tyrant who should be in Leavenworth for his crimes.  Point that out, and they’ll spew accusations of racism.  He’s hated because he’s black.

No one does racism like the left, and I’ve seen plenty of racism on the part of minorities not just toward whites, but toward conservative Hispanics and blacks.

Other things Holder considers ‘racist’: Opposing voter fraud, outrage over Fast and Furious, and demands for his resignation. Racist, all racist.

When it comes to monitoring real racism in his own administration, he’s as blind as a fucking bat. Former DHS employee and black supremacist Ayo Kimathi, was finally fired after years of venting his racist spleen on a site called  “War on the Horizon”, which calls for a race war against whites. The site is still up and running its campaign. Not a peep out of the Obama regime.

Holder’s legacy:

The DOJ collaborated with the coverup of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. Both the DOJ and IRS  co-conspirators continue to lie, spin, and refuse to cooperate with Congressional investigators.

Holder also went after Fox News’ James Rosen because he’s one of the investigative reporters who won’t hold back criticism.  Holder signed off on the warrant for James Rosen’s emails, then proceeded to lie about it—under oath— during his Congressional testimony.  The very same month the DOJ started its probe of James Rosen, Obama’s war on Fox News began.

What a co-ink-i-dink.

Sharyl Attkisson, a former reporter for CBS, was harassed by the DOJ and had her computers hacked into because she dared to ask serious questions about Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Leaked emails obtained by Judicial Watch disclosed that former United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler told White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz about how “out of control” Attkisson has been in covering Fast and Furious; Schmaler intended on contacting her editor and host of CBS’s Face The Nation, Bob Schieffer.

Speaking of Fast and Furious, Obama and Holder continue to lie about that, too. Holder not only signed off on the gunrunning, he bragged about it in 2009.  The weapons from Obama’s gunrunning escapade keep turning up in shootouts, murders, and crime scenes.

Holder’s abuse of office reached epic proportions. He funded and organized anti-George Zimmerman protests, refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs, and his Deputy Assistant Attorney General implemented a policy of  ‘Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority’.

Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he never missed an opportunity to exploit trumped-up racial tension for political gain. When race riots broke out in Ferguson Missouri, he made a trip down there with a gallon of gasoline.

Holder is a corrupt little asswipe with a hard-on for ‘whitey’ and a penchant for prosecutorial malfeasance.

For six years he was in a position of power to enforce his racial bias and bigotry. It was six years too long.


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