Homeless Woman With 15 Kids Demands More Government Assistance

Remember Nadya Suleman, the “Octomom”? She already had 6 kids on welfare then some Einstein obstetrician did an in vitro fertilization, and she popped out 8 more. Well, Nadya has some competition.

TAMPA – In the space of a week, Angel Adams and a dozen of her 15 children was to have gone from living in a rundown, one-room motel room to a six-bedroom house, if all had gone according to plan.

It didn’t.

Building inspectors raised doubts about whether the selected Sulphur Springs home was suitable, and Adams’ plans to move into a rent-subsidized home today was put on hold. It was a glitch in her change-of-fortune run this past week, which included having a debt of several thousand dollars wiped clean and from being ineligible for Section 8 housing to living rent free.

Now, case workers say they are looking at other houses. Still, they say, the goal is to get the family of 13 moved into a home as soon as possible.

Currently, the family is staying at a temporary shelter near Brandon.

Adams’ sister, Mary Gibson, said the move has been put off because of the proximity of the home to railroad tracks. The house sits on a cul-de-sac in Sulphur Springs. A chain-link fence separating the home from the tracks is within a couple of feet from the two-story block home.

Because of that, Gibson said, home inspectors are looking at other houses.

Adams and her children “have all their stuff ready to move in,” Gibson said.

After she was evicted last month for not telling her landlord she had 12 children in her care, Adams, 37, landed in the Economy Inn on Busch Boulevard. Her plight came to light after she complained that the government didn’t do enough to help her.

Her comments unleashed a flood of criticism that she was abusing the system. Child welfare officials in Tampa said they were helping the family because of the children, despite Adams’ attitude that the government owed her.

Hillsborough Kids Inc., which manages child welfare in the county, agreed to pay off Adams’ rent debts and the Tampa Housing Authority agreed to waive a five-year ban on Adams, who owed the authority $6,000.

“We’re not here to start giving her handouts,” Nick Cox, the Florida Department of Children & Families’ regional director, said during a status hearing in family court this week. “We’re not here to provide for her. We’re not here to provide her a house that she wants or anything like that. We’re here to help and support and take care of the children.”

This afternoon, Adams said she was ready to leave A Kid’s Place, the shelter near Brandon.

“Well,” she said, “I’m still at the Kid’s Place and I’m just waiting to move into my new house.

“I’m really excited and I’m just ready to go home and just move on with my life,” she said.

She responded to critics who say she’s milking the system by saying, “Well, I tell those people I do pay for them [her children]. I have been paying for them and that’s why I’m where I’m at today.”

Last week, she said she had a right to have as many children as she wanted, even though she couldn’t support them.

Adams’ comments about social welfare agencies not doing enough to help was widely criticized during the past week. She doesn’t currently have a job. Her children were fathered by three men, including one who is in prison.

She lost her children two years ago after neglect accusations, but the family was reunited six months ago. Three of the 15 children don’t live with her.


And here’s a lovely family portrait:

That’s just some of them.

Adams’ sense of entitlement didn’t go over too well in court. She was held in contempt and her kids are in foster care:

A homeless mother with 12 dependent children didn’t win any supporters this week when she loudly complained that the various welfare agencies trying to help her weren’t doing enough. Angel Adams gained a new detractor on Thursday: a circuit judge who jailed the griping mom after she refused to reveal if she was pregnant with her 16th child.

Adams, 37, was held in contempt of court at a hearing Thursday morning. She was handcuffed and escorted from the courtroom. The judge then ordered her children placed in foster care for the second time in two years.

That unremorseful, public assistance-mooching breeding machine, needs to be forcibly spayed.  That would be tax money well spent.

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54 thoughts on “Homeless Woman With 15 Kids Demands More Government Assistance”

  1. Abe frobeman

    This is a game for her should doesn’t work but she has enough energy to have sex and what not. She is totally irresponsible. In times of family planning, health departments giving out birth control, condoms, etc. she just milks that system for all it’s worth and she knows it. This is what sickens me to be a tax payer. The best thing that could happen is the state comes in and removes those children and let them live where they can be cared for and loved not viewed as a income. This whole story much like the welfare system sucks.

  2. I know this post is old and I am way behind in my comment but I am still going to comment.
    I am going to give you folks a view from “the other side”

    I was a welfare mom for a long time, not something I am proud of now, but at the time, it didn’t bother me at all. I was raising my 2 younger boys, one dad in prison, and the other dad, I didn’t know where he was, still don’t. I collected food stamps, and welfare, and medical assistance. The state did this for me, because I had children and they wanted to make sure my children were cared for
    Well let me tell you, my kids were not cared for. The were not abused, they were fed and clothed, but that was it. They were not nurtured, I did not help with homework, I didn’t even care if they had homework. Half the time they didn’t even make it to school. We did not do things together. They watched tv and played video games, while I did what ever I wanted. I could do what ever I wanted because I didn’t have to look for a job, I didn’t have to be a good mom, I didn’t HAVE to do anything.

    Here is what I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt. Assistance in the form of entitlement enabled me to continue down a long road of self destruction for many years. Yes, eventually I paid the price for it, but my children are the ones who really suffered.

    The state threw money at me, but never held me accountable for any sort of change needed to be successful on my own. It wasn’t until I was arrested for drugs, my children were taken from me, and I was forced to be accountable, that things got better for them and for me.

    Finally some one recognized that what I needed was not entitlement, but empowerment. I had to take parenting classes, I had to successfully complete long term rehab & I had to stay clean, I had to take job search classes, I had to take computer skill classes, I had to take financial management classes. I had to do all of these things, just to even be able to see my kids. Eventually I got them back, that was 9 years ago. In that 9 years I have gone from a minimum wage employee to an Office Manager for a very large company. So yes, they spent some money helping me and training me, but they saw the bigger picture of teaching me to be self sufficient. That goal was achieved and because it was achieved with me, it has changed the predicted outcome of the lives of my children. Because more of their lives were spent with me as a productive role model, instead of who I used to be, they are growing into productive young men. The cycle stopped with me which was an even bigger picture than I think anyone imagined.

    Here is what I wish. I wish that when I went to apply for welfare that first time, it had been given to me only on conditions. I wish that for me to receive ANYTHING at all, I had been given mandatory classes on job search, on some basic job skills, on self esteem, on parenting. Then once I completed those, job search should have been mandatory. When I say job search I mean real, documented job search, more than 1 or 2 applications a day, and having to prove where I went and applied. I wish I had been given a time limit on how long I could receive benefits. I wish it had been clear to me that if I didn’t comply then assistance would have been dropped. I wish that had I applied for assistance and then lost it for non compliance, then Child welfare would have been called to make sure I was caring for my children at all. Trust me, the fear of losing my kids would have been a powerful motivator. I also wish that while on welfare, birth control had been mandatory. Yes it means I would be without my youngest son, and I am not saying that I don’t love him. But I am saying that if I couldn’t afford to support one on my own, I should not have been permitted to have another. Permanent sterilization…no, but mandatory birth control…absolutely!

    So many will argue that it costs too much money to much money to train people. It costs too much money to monitor these women. Too many people would lose their kids if they didn’t comply and we don’t have the resources to care for these kids. To that I say, there is always a way.

    What if we, as a nation, changed the way we looked at the assistance program? What if assistance was based on empowerment rather than entitlement.? What if, and this may sound really crazy, we used some of the women (or men) who had become successful through a new “assistance program” to help teach others how to be successful. Trust me, if someone came to me and said, “Hey we need you to come and work with the newest welfare recipients on becoming successful.” I’d be there in a heart beat.

    Call me crazy, but I really think there is a better answer than what we are doing.

    1. Cindy,
      First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for showing the motivation and dedication it took to get yourself out of the welfare trap. Being a single parent is not easy. I saw what my mother went through keeping a roof over seven kids. My main beef with ‘single moms’ is that many of them keep having children they cannot afford, they have no marketable job skills, many are high school dropouts, and have no desire or incentive to change their situation.

      The other half of the parent equation—the fathers—are often absent and refuse to pay child support or acknowledge their children. I saw that up close and personal with regard to my biological father and an abusive alcoholic former step father.

      There’s a lot of irresponsible male derelicts who take pride in breeding as many children as possible with no strings attached.
      Case in point: Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee. He’s got 30 illegitimate children by 11 different women. He’s expecting the state to subsidize his out-of-control fertilization.

      Common sense family planning, as in birth control, should be at or near the top of a woman’s personal choices.

      This is why I’ve always felt that even under the best circumstances, a woman should always be prepared to go it alone if she has to. Education, occupational skills, and the ability to run a household budget is essential for survival. I’m a strong advocate of company-based education and training programs. For many people, that is the first step to success.

      No one gave me a free meal ticket in life. I come from a working class family. My environment was far from prosperous. My mother raised 7 kids, mostly by herself. She worked hard to change her life and refused to let welfare become a family ‘tradition’. We all worked. My two older step sisters worked two part time jobs, and my mother worked to make ends meet.

      At the age of 18, I joined the United States Army and served the country for a total of 30 years. I also earned a college degree without incurring thousands of dollars in student loans and demanding that someone else pay for it. I never had any children and in retrospect, that was a wise decision.

      We have devolved from a country of rugged individualism to an entitlement culture. There’s a growing population who believes in getting something for nothing in the form of cradle to grave Nanny State care. Those of us who worked all our lives have a problem with that. I paid federal income tax, state tax, medicare/medicaid tax, and social security tax. I pay tax on my military pension, as well.

      I don’t mind my taxes going to help the bona fide disabled and elderly, but I’m also supporting a population of professional welfare recipients who manipulate the system and pass it to their children like a family heirloom. When I was a kid, it was a source of embarrassment to accept public assistance, and you tried to get back into the work force as soon as you could.

      Now it’s considered a “right”.

      I was raised to believe in a helping hand, not a handout.

      I wish that there were more people like you who did what it took to break away from welfare dependency and become a good role model for their kids.

      SFC MAC

  3. Kevin James

    This is a shame, I am a African American male with two children one in college. I am sorry but, this woman laid on her back and pushed out 15 kids congratulations but, damn. You, have to come to your senses, I found myself struggling at times taking care of one child (feeding, clothing and paying for college). Now I have to be a n*gg* I am sorry but, B*tch what the hell were you thinking.
    This is why people look at us like we are pieces of sh*t where did you get your sense of responsibility. “Someone needs to take care of this”, she should have stitched her vigina shut. Or, learn to swallow.

  4. Lily, tired of paying for parasites

    In my opinion the race card is almost always thrown in because the persons trying to debate or argue a point try and deflect from the real issue.
    They try and make it look like people are only complaining about this one woman due to her race alone.

    Her race has nothing at all to do with this article or most of the comments complaining about her attitude and behavior. Weak trying to deflect and make this about race.

    Race is irrelevant here!!!!

    The woman is a parasite! It would be one thing IF she had a few children then found her self unable to care for them due to some unfortunate situation.
    She NEVER planned on providing for them though. She knew she could not yet she kept having child after child after child after child while she was on welfare. There was never any attempt on her part to take contraceptives. She clearly stated that she should have as many children as she WANTED and that the government (opps tax payers) should HAVE to provide for HER and her children.

    There was never any attempts on her part to ever provide for her children. She knew she would never be able to do so. Yet it did not matter to her. All that has mattered to her is that SHE gets what she wants without regards to her children.

    It does not matter to her that her children suffer because she was unwilling and unable to support them financially and/or emotionally, mentally, physically, etc….

    I am on the fence in that if we do have forced sterilization then what guarantee is there that our government would not corrupt it?
    There is already so much corruption in our government on all levels and with ALL parties.
    So part of me is like yes sterilize this parasite not because she is of a different race, we are all human (I hope), not because she has some children. I think she should be so that she can be a mother to some of her children and provide for them in all ways a mother should. Obviously she is unwilling and unable to do so now.

    It is never the innocent baby’s fault. There is no way I think we should let them suffer. However, I find that if they are removed and allowed to be adopted by persons able to provide for them not just financially but emotionally, mentally and other ways.

    Many parents whose children are taken away and put in foster care are unwilling, unable and just can’t care for their children. So many of those parents refuse though to allow their own flesh and blood be adopted out. So they are stuck in the foster care program, many times until they are 18.

    I am against any one doing what this woman did, regardless of their race or sex. Many men do the same thing.

    My husband and I made a conscious decision. We really wanted another child. However, we knew at this point in our lives, financially we were unable to provide for another child. We are actually eligible to received many of the programs like welfare, medicaid, food stamps, ebt, some cellphone program, due to our income (or lack of).

    However, we don’t have to DUE to personal responsibility. Yes our daughter is on medicaid for now. My husband and I did not have medical insurance from 2005-2013. We now have it, took a pay cut but we were finally able to get it. We help my parents with helping to take care of my disable and ill father, helping my mother with her property and such. She helps us out. We save money, we would like to go out eat, gets things but we always pay our bills first then what we have left is first for our daughter’s needs then our own. We also volunteer and donate (and hey if you don’t have money there are so many ways to donate other than monetary esp donating your time and expertise). It would be a good way to teach your child how to be productive even if you do not have money. Yet this woman will not do that. She is a parasite not due to her race but due to her actions, behavior, attitude, decisions and how little she cares for her children to teach them how to not make themselves how to do for themselves. No she is actually encouraging and happy to teach them how to be further parasites like her. I wish they could save those children from her. Oh and in the recent news, she was pregnant again in either 2012 or 2013 and involved with some criminal activity. She was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer when they went to her home to arrest ONE of her sons. Oh yes those children are just doing grand. Of course she is fighting it saying that the police brutalized her.

    There is no sympathy for her from me. I feel for her children and what some of them are going to become due to their uncaring mother. If she cared she would have concentrated her efforts on the children she had and claims that she loves.
    Oh that would mean thinking of someone other than herself.

    We pay more and more taxes because of all of the people (opps parasites) like this woman. There are many persons of multiple races!

  5. Angel Henderson

    If anything I really feel bad for these children I really really do. How are they going to have a productive life. So you tell me they should suffer because someone chose to bring them into a world that they did not ask to come in… Where is the compasion.. I don’t get people in this world. But let’s us fly our asses over seas and feed the world and help people like Kate plus eight. This Country is still stuck. If they were white little homeless hungry children it would be all on the news people are stopping by to bring Ms. Angel Adams and her 15 children clothing, food offered to build her a house ect…. But Nooooo!!! that’s not the case here is it… Let those little black babies go hungry and starve put a 7yrs. old to work to cut grass ect.. Wow!! Really Sad

    1. Angel,
      Throwing the hackneyed race card isn’t a substitute for cogent argument. I don’t give a shit what percentage of melanin she has in her skin, what I care about is the millions of dollars in taxpayer funds that she expects, free gratis. “Octomom” is just as bad. I don’t like the idea of sending billions of dollars in foreign aid to cesspools like Africa, when all they do is use it to support tin horn dictators, tribal warfare, and corruption. As for “Kate plus 8”, at least her ex-husband has a job and pays child support. I don’t give a shit how many children are born into any one family, as long as they can afford to raise them and not use welfare like a goddamned family heirloom.
      What is sad is that people like you piss and moan about “little black babies” with no regard for personal accountability or common sense.

      SFC MAC

  6. Angel Henderson

    I pretty sure if this was another race this would be on Oprah, Nancy Grace, Ect… trying to get her some help for her children. Let’s try not to be as ignorant as she is and help those little children who are not getting the proper things that they need.. Help the lady and you will help the children…

    1. Angel,
      We can help the “lady” and the taxpayers burdened with her 15 illegitimate children, by removing her breeding machinery and maybe even placing those kids in foster homes where they might learn some values, like responsibility. They damned sure won’t get that from her.

      SFC MAC

  7. Cecily Nichols

    The dept of children and families took my 2 daughters away when I was unable to provide for them my point is what makes this woman special she shouldn’t be allowed custody of her children until she can complete a case plan. DCF offers daycare then there’s no reason she can’t work. They offer bus passes to get around. You can get help with food from why or churches. Catholic charities is on Busch Blvd they will help with clothes the state also has vouchers for salvation army people in halfway houses get them all the time. She needs to prove she can hold down a job. As far as a place to leave she can fI’ll a 2 bedroom apt with bunk beds a room for the boys and a girls room she can stay on the couch and pay her own bills. To hell with her. But the state only talked about helping me they never actually helped.

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  9. She is a wonderful mother. She takes care of her children. She reminds me of Donna Reed and June Cleaver.

    1. robert,
      LOL! Yeah, she’s on her way to being a “50’s” kinda gal…by the time she gets done breeding.

      SFC MAC

  10. “YOU WILL NOT get anymore food stamps or cash benefits PERIOD”

    OH YEAH?
    Then I will not vote for Obama!

    HAHAHA you think you run things around here? I have my VOTE and if u want that give me free life with no responsibility.

  11. Julian Slaughter

    The states needs to just let there women know: If you are irresponsable enough to have ANY more children when you are get welfare already YOU WILL NOT get anymore food stamps or cash benefits PERIOD!! In most of these states birth control is cheap (or in some cases FREE) If you are not gonna do what’s right YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY FOR BEING WRONG!!! Stupid cow!!


  13. This woman should be jailed!!!! She must have some kind of mental illness or she is just plain stupid.And the men who had sex with her must be just one step from being morons.Obviously she is not practicing safe sex or no birth control of any kind.People like this should have some kind of agency to step in and take over because no more children should have to suffer because of this idiot.

  14. Everybody is talking about this sex machine of a woman but no one talks about the stupid men who got her pregnant and refused to take care of their children. They should step up and take responsibility. The woman should have her ovaries stitched. The public should not pay for her stupidity. Same goes to octomom, Nadya Suleman.

  15. as a black women this is sooooooo embarassing, because people see this women and equate her to me just because we have the same skin color. as a human being period this is sooooo embarassing, why keep having kids when you can’t afford them. also why in the world does she thinks anybody OWES her something. I hope they don’t give back those kids.

  16. this makes me sick she is a prime example of why this country is going to hell, if she wants to be on welfare she needs to be sterilized.. before she hits number 17.. crazy..

  17. i don’t think the kids should be exploited in this negative manner at all … racist bastards! white family is given all the media hype over having 20 kids, another gets a show to exploit hers and loses her husband in the process of being kate + 8 and now she is spending all the money made for them on plastic surgery … Octomom was criticized for having artificial insemination … where were the complaints after child number 5, 6, 7 how could a doctor continue to allow her to go without tying her up??? all this is after the fact and society needs people to pick on to make themselves seem like their so right on course… the woman is obviously ignorant and can’t articulate that she needs help – so what if she feels a sense of entitlement those children need someone to step in and take over with proper care or we will have an even bigger problem on our hands once they turn 18 … your not getting screwed by these people your getting screwed by your public officials who are taxing you more for their free homes – free healthcare – free limos – free meals – free parties – free utilities – free flights – etc … utterly ridiculous …

    1. “amerikanknight”,
      I don’t give a shit about your skin color or the number of children you have, as long as you can afford to support them and don’t suck off the public teat like it’s an automatic entitlement. “Kate+8” was a ridiculous show, but the parents are EMPLOYED. The “19 kids and counting” reality show is also just an exploitation of over-breeding, but the parents are EMPLOYED. Octomom and the Homeless Woman are both welfare-collecting breeding machines with no sense of responsibility. I see a pattern there.

      SFC MAC

  18. Leetta Wilson

    I cant believe she thinks we the goverment should help her. Why she had these children not us. But the goverment will pay for her and all her kids. The kids did nothing wrong but she needs to stop having children or call the duggers and learn how to care for that many children without goverment help. And to think she is only 38 so she can have more kids. Let the goverment pay her to get fixed I will even donate $100.00 for that. Again call the Duggers and learn how to take care of your own.

  19. marco morales

    where is our congress? why don`t you come up with a law to stop this type of business in america, so nice that we as tax payers get screwed from these people.

  20. Boy I wish someone would pay my debt ,and give me a free house, and support me and my 2 kids. Maybe I should have more kids,stop paying my bills,and whine in public that the goverment owes me.

    If the goverment had sense it would take her kids,or atleast deduct support levels for every extra kid she had once ON welfare

  21. SHE should go to jail and be cut off from society since she can’t keep her legs closed. Sorry I have no respect for you.

  22. SHE should be sentanced to lethal injection that will kill every ovary she has. SERIOUSLY. No one should have the right to have this many damn kids..I’m sorry..waaaiiitt..NO I’m not apologizing for that statement..No one should have the right to have that many kids. #Go kill ya self

  23. Lily-Someone who is tired for paying for other's mistakes.

    Sorry BUT this is what I see day in and day out!

    If you can not afford ONE child then you should not be having more and more children.
    It is neglectful and abusive! I seriously think in situations like this that she should be sterilized!

    She thinks the government (and TAXPAYERS) should pay for HER and her children but she should contribute nothing.

    Close your legs, use birth control, get a job and stop pushing out more kids to get $$$$ and learn what personal responsibility is!

    I am 39, my husband and I have one child. We would love to have another child but we know we can afford one and two right now would not be possible. You see we are taking RESPONSIBILITY and don’t expect everyone else to pay for our decisions and/or mistakes.

    This woman and the many more make me sick. I feel most sorry for her kids to have someone like her for a mother. If she cared for them she would not keep having children she can NOT afford and neglecting them.

    I knew a boy who had a mother JUST like this only she had more children. He despised his mother for her decision to keep having child after child that she could NOT afford. He was actually working as soon as he could because he did not want to be anything like his mother. However, some of his other siblings were learning how to be like their mother.

    All they and their mother were a drain to society. A parasite with nothing to offer the world except how to keep taking and taking.

    The world needs less parasites like this.

    I don’t feel like tax payers should have to keep paying for other people’s mistakes.

    Take the children from these parasites and give them to people who want to adopt who can actually afford to take care of them properly.

    There should be a permit for parenting, you fail forget it!

  24. Ron Bannister

    Get a job! Quit sucking the life out of the working class! Oh…BTW…quit having kids and get your ass fixed! She should be cut off from ALL services! Lazy ass ho! Why should we be paying for this?

  25. jennifer lee

    i am a mother of two, just two an i grew up with three sisters and i watched mt mom struggle and abuse the system. believe me i will never abuse the system and i tied my tubes after my second child because i felt that was all i could handle body and spirit. i done believe this woman should be given any more help than anyone else. SHE flat out said that she can have as many kids as she likes well she deserves nothing more that anyone else. She is not married and choices to have all those children knowing she can not take care of them. i love my kids and if i could i would take every one of those poor children in. She is pathetic and the state which she lives needs to make her tie her tubes and ban her from having any more children. I believe what she is doing is wrong and that the kids she be kept away from her.

  26. We need to end the welfare state after the first child. They need to report to the
    sheriff’s office from 9 to 5 five days a week for road cleanup. As long as they are
    on welfare they should not have a vote, this is to keep the politician’s out of office
    that are causing this crap

  27. I believe any woman accepting welfare should have enough Norplants inserted into their bodies, that they can’t conceive another child, doomed to live in poverty and squalor. I’m sure the liberals will find a way to block this, but they are the reason women like this think they deserve to live off other peoples money.

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  29. Who paid for all the birthings? The sperm donors are off somewhere making more welfare babies. Boy I hate government intrusion, but this woman needs to have a forced sterilization.

    13 children with 13 different males. She sounds like a prostitute.

  30. This irresponsible woman, with her 15 kids and sense of entitlement, is the product of destructive welfare-state policies and dysfunctional African-American culture. For this kind of career welfare mom, the government should give her a choice after the first 2 or 3 children: either you have your tubes tied to prevent more pregnancies (tax-payer funded procedure), or you find a way to pay for any additional children on your own (give them up for adoption).

  31. She needs to keep her legs closed. I am tired of paying for children, when I did not have the pleasure in making them. Get a JOB!

  32. Stephanie Gouldman

    I do not understand women that think that the welfare system is there just for them to keep popping out babies. I have 2 children by 2 dads. I have accepted the help from welfare while looking for work and doing the workfirst program. I also have gone back to school and now have a fiance and his daughter with me. I am done with school in process of job interview. I am on housing and we do get foodstamps. My fiance does work full time. Every agency that helps us does know who and how many live in our apartment. We don’t drive expensive tricked out cars. Don’t have big screen tvs and name brand clothes. We aren’t alcoholics or drug users. We are a lower class family trying to survive. I know that once I do start working we will probably lose housing and the foodstamps but that is ok. It was just there to help us get on our feet. Not an entitlement that we would keep forever.

  33. I feel badly for those kids, my heart breaks for them and just looking at that pictures makes me sad … It seems unfair they’re born into a life of poverty and harsh judgement. Their mother needs help, really- many couch sessions, some esteem, as well as job training so she can get off her behind and get something under her belt that will leave her proud … I want to take each and everyone one of those kids away from her, show them a better life, and show them devoted family love without having to fight for it … 🙁

  34. I don’t feel sorry this these people at all. This bitch want the government to pay her way and I say F that. Bitch need to keep her legs close.

  35. Eugenics was repealed, so you can’t “forcefully spay” her. You can garnish fathers’ wages, even the one in prison, place children in foster care, and cut babymama off of welfare. A 5-year lifetime limit of public child-welfare assistance would work.

    1. Ref,
      “Babymama” needs to be fixed. Her 15 kids are going to be a burden on society for the rest of their lives. You know damned well what the outcome will be once they start having children. Good luck trying to locate the fathers. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds off the welfare state, and I’m tired of my tax money going for this shit. They’re lazy, shiftless, wastes of skin with an obscene sense of entitlement. Eugenics? Nope, just a method that would say enough is enough.

      SFC MAC

  36. where the hell are all her children fathers really…. i really feel sorry these kids…..

  37. This women is pathetic and needs to learn to close her d**n legs so men stop falling in!

  38. butt neckid

    you two are just CRUEL…

    if’n she be wantin’ mo’ money fo’ her baby…she shud be axin’ osamabama to
    fin’ dos baby daddy(s) an’ wile he be doin’ dat give her mo’ welfare…

    and I can see you now…giving her that hysterectomy…
    wit’ a ’58 Olds rocket 88….at maybe 65???

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