House Oversight Committee Slams Holder for Obstruction in Fast and Furious Scandal

When is the prosecution??

From The Washington Times

The House Oversight Committee let loose with a scathing assessment of Eric Holder in a recent report, accusing the Barack Obama-era attorney general of outright misleading Congress on its investigation of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal.

And get this. Among the report’s 300 pages is the committee’s finding that Holder regarded the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry as a “nuisance.”


Terry, of course, was killed in December 2010 by a firearm believed to be part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Operation Fast and Furious program.

“More than five years after Brian’s murder, the Terry family still wonders about key details of Operation Fast and Furious,” the report reads, Fox News reported “The Justice Department’s obstruction of Congress’s investigation contributed to the Terry family’s inability to find answers.”

Terry’s death was supposedly the incident that led to revelation of Fast and Furious — the program that saw the feds turn blind eyes to 2,000 or so firearms illegally purchased by drug smugglers, in hopes of tracing them to cartel big-wigs. Sadly, the feds then lost track of 1,400 or so of these weapons — two of which turned up at Terry’s crime scene.

Holder told investigators he didn’t know of this program before Terry’s murder.

But report authors say that’s just not true.

“The new report states that the Justice Department knew before Terry’s death in 2010 that the ATF was ‘walking’ firearms to Mexico and knew the day after the agent’s death that weapons from Fast and Furious were involved in the shootout, despite denying these facts to the media,” Fox News said.

The report also claims Holder’s Justice officials purposely stonewalled Sen. Chuck Grassley with his requests to learn more of the program.

So what’s to come of this report?

Likely: Nothing.

Fact is, outside of Obama Kool-Aid drinkers, most in America already believe Holder knew more than he let on about Fast and Furious, Terry’s death and his Justice Department’s involvement.

Most in America, outside of the Obama Kool-Aid drinking crowd, already know Holder’s a deceiver with a past that includes using his Justice position to spy on the media and to drum up anti-police rhetoric within the black communities of America.

And most in America, outside of the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers, already know that Holder — and leftists of his ilk — are well-protected by high-ranking Democrats, progressives and radicals who will do what it takes to shield their own from accountability and prosecution.


That is true for the entire Obama regime.

Holder’s legacy:

The DOJ collaborated with the coverup of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. Both the DOJ and IRS  co-conspirators continue to lie, spin, and refuse to cooperate with Congressional investigators.

Holder also went after Fox News’ James Rosen because he’s one of the investigative reporters who won’t hold back criticism.  Holder signed off on the warrant for James Rosen’s emails, then proceeded to lie about it—under oath— during his Congressional testimony.  The very same month the DOJ started its probe of James Rosen, Obama’s war on Fox News began.

What a co-ink-i-dink.

Sharyl Attkisson, a former reporter for CBS, was harassed by the DOJ and had her computers hacked into because she  dared to ask serious questions about Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Leaked emails obtained by Judicial Watch disclosed that former United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler told White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz about how “out of control” Attkisson has been in covering Fast and Furious; Schmaler intended on contacting her editor and host of CBS’s Face The Nation, Bob Schieffer.

Speaking of Fast and Furious, Obama and Holder continue to lie about that, too. Holder not only signed off on the gunrunning, he bragged about it in 2009.  The weapons from Obama’s gunrunning escapade keep turning up in shootouts, murders, and crime scenes.

Holder’s abuse of office reached epic proportions. He funded and organized anti-George Zimmerman protests, refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs, and his Deputy Assistant Attorney General implemented a policy of  ‘Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority’.

Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he never missed an opportunity to exploit trumped-up racial tension for political gain. When race riots broke out in Ferguson Missouri, he made a trip down there with a gallon of gasoline.

Holder is a corrupt little asswipe with a hard-on for ‘whitey’ and a penchant for prosecutorial malfeasance.

For six years he was in a position of power to enforce his racial bias and bigotry. It was six years too long.

He, along with Obama, Clapper, and Lerner, should be under Leavenworth, but the American people are stupid and apathetic and the GOP lacks the balls.

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