Houston Mayor Ignored Army Corps of Engineers’ Warnings About Impending Flood

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The mayor of Houston and Harris County officials were advised two days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall that the storm was brewing into a likely “catastrophic” 5-day weather event that would flood at least 100,000 homes and paralyze Houston.

Yet city and county officials refused to call for a mandatory or even voluntary evacuation of Houston.

The result: Houston and parts of Harris county look like flooded battlefields, with residents clinging to rooftops of their homes while rescue workers — both professional and volunteer — risk their lives to save untold thousands in distress.

Houston and Harris county’s four commissioners were briefed on Thursday morning, August 24 after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warned officials that Hurricane Harvey, which at that point had not made landfall, was shaping up to impact the region even worse than Hurricane Allison in 2001. That storm killed 22 in Houston, left 30,000 residents stranded, and damaged over $5 billion of property.

The officials were given ample time to evacuate the city, federal officials and correspondences examined by True Pundit confirmed.

According to sources familiar with the federal briefing, county and Houston officials were specifically warned that there was a high probability the storm event would be catastrophic, including the following intelligence provided to Houston and county officials the morning of Thursday, August 24:

  • Hurricane Harvey would impact the county and surrounding Texas counties far beyond what weather forecasts predicted.

  • A minimum projection of 10,000 homes would be underwater and at least 100,000 more homes would be flooded in Houston.

  • Houston is expected to be hit with five days of rain and at least three days without electricity.

  • The hurricane was projected to impact the “heart of Houston.” Harris County would see 30 inches of rain with a possibility of 50 inches of rain which was likewise projected for Colorado County. That county sits west of Harris. The storm turned east and impacted Houston, as was warned.

  • Homes and properties south and near Katy, Texas would be severely impacted, possibly flooded out. Houston is on a parallel with nearby Katy.


    Those declarations from their idiot Democrat mayor didn’t age very well.


2 thoughts on “Houston Mayor Ignored Army Corps of Engineers’ Warnings About Impending Flood”

  1. Tony farraj

    You decided to sacrifice homes close to the reservoirs to benefit your own interests, I hope the city and the people of a Katy sue the city of Houston and break your city!

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