How Facebook Censors the Covid Vax Debate

Project Veritas

Two Facebook Insiders have come forward to Project Veritas with leaked internal documents, showing the Big Tech giant’s plan to police “Vaccine Hesitancy” (VH) through surreptitious “comment demotion.”

The company has set up a tier system to rank comments on various scales, based on how much the statement questions or cautions against the Covid-19 vaccination.

Tier 2, for instance, represents “Indirect Discouragement” of getting vaccinated and according to PV’s sources, user comments such as these would be heavily “suppressed.”

It doesn’t matter if the comments are true, factual or represent reality. The comment is demoted, buried and hidden from view of the public if it clashes with this system.

“It doesn’t match the narrative,” one insider explained. “The narrative being, get the vaccine, the vaccine is good for you. Everyone should get it. And if you don’t, you will be singled out,”

One of the insiders, a Data Center Technician, leaked multiple internal documents detailing an algorithm test being run on 1.5 percent of Facebook and Instagram’s nearly 3.8 billion users worldwide.

The goal? To, “drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine hesitancy (VH) in comments.”

“They’re trying to control this content before it even makes it onto your page before you even see it,” one insider said.

……Facebook’s “Vaccine Hesitancy” project leaders listed in company’s chain of command, reporting directly to Mark Zuckerberg.


Read the entire Facebook Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion document here.

Read all the policies regarding Facebook’s censorship and elimination of debate. Anything that suggests people should have a choice, or that there have been adverse effects and deaths from the vaccine, or any discussion that contradicts the Facebook narrative is automatically singled out for scrutiny. Any post that has the word “covid” or “vaccine” in the language is instantly tagged with one of those Big Brother tags:

That second one was tagged to my post about 23 people who died in Norway after getting the vaccine.  They didn’t like this one, either: Elderly people recover from Covid, die from vaccine.  The post contains data from the federal database called VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Even the government’s own database isn’t acceptable to the Facebook vax pushers.

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