How Joe Biden Fixed the Criminal Division at the DOJ to Protect the Family From Prosecution





Tucker Carlson

Say what you will about elected Democrats, but they know where the power is. They’re like truffle pigs for power. No matter how thick the forest is, they will find it.

Here’s one example. In his very first hours in office, literally on Inauguration Day, Joe Biden named a new head of the criminal division at the Justice Department. Now, Biden spent that same day, you will remember, lecturing the rest of us about equity, meaning that straight White men are bad.

And yet, strangely, the person he chose for this job was not a member of a racial or sexual minority. He was instead a highly privileged, straight White guy. He was called Nick McQuaid. Nick McQuaid went to private schools. He wrote at Wesleyan. He went to Columbia for law school. He was definitely not oppressed, but that did not matter to Joe Biden. Some jobs are too important for affirmative action.

McQuaid’s main qualification was being the former law partner of Hunter Biden’s criminal attorney. In December of 2020, Hunter Biden hired a Latham and Watkins lawyer called Chris Clark to defend him against potential federal tax charges. Just a month later, Hunter Biden’s dad hired Chris Clark’s partner, Nick McQuaid, to oversee the agency that could bring those federal tax charges. That seems like an obvious and glaring conflict, but no, Nick McQuaid did not recuse himself from the Hunter Biden investigation. And so, more than two years later, not surprisingly, no charges have been brought against Hunter Biden, and it’s not for lack of evidence.

For years now, the FBI has had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop. On that laptop, as you know, is a detailed account of how the Biden family made millions of dollars from foreign governments selling access to the U.S. government through Joe Biden. So, the question is, among many, did Hunter Biden pay federal taxes on all of that dough?

What do you think? This is a guy who left a crack pipe and his driver’s license in a rental car because he was too high to put them back into his pocket. Did he pay all his federal taxes? Let’s just say he does not fit the profile of a faithful taxpayer. But he is the president’s son and that’s why when he was asked about the criminal investigation into his taxes two years ago, he didn’t seem that worried:

ANTHONY MASON VOICEOVER: At the end of last year, Biden acknowledged an ongoing investigation by federal authorities for potential tax law violations.  

ANTHONY MASON, CBS: Is your legal team working on any kind of a plea deal?

HUNTER BIDEN: Oh, no. I am absolutely certain that what we’re doing is being completely cooperative with whoever is asking from any authority whatsoever. 

MASON: The implication all through the campaign was that your efforts that somehow benefited your father financially. Have you ever given your father money from any of your business ventures?  

BIDEN: No, nothing. Nothing ever.  

MASON: Not a nickel? 

BIDEN: Not a nickel. 

MASON: Directly or indirectly?

BIDEN: Directly or indirectly, not a nickel ever. 100%. No, Never. 

Oh, you lie, you lie. That was two years ago. Weirdly, we haven’t heard a lot about the federal tax investigation into Joe Biden since. And that is strange, if you think about it, since we now have tens of thousands of new IRS agents to enforce tax law and in fact, it wasn’t that long ago that the Biden Justice Department – remember this – indicted Donald Trump’s 75-year-old accountant because he failed to declare the full value of his work vehicle. Think he was in handcuffs, but somehow these same enforcers of the law cannot be bothered to bring the Hunter Biden investigation to fruition, not when they have a laptop proving that he took millions from the government of China. How does that work exactly?

Does he pay every dollar in federal taxes? Did he fully declare the value of his work vehicle or of his crack? What about the Russian hookers? By the way, at the same time, DOJ doesn’t seem interested at all in the fact that Hunter Biden lied on a federal gun form. Go ahead and try that yourself at home. It’s a felony. You’ll go to jail, but Hunter Biden is not in jail. He’s making art in his garden in L.A.

Is what we’re seeing, what it looks like? Well, we can finally answer that question. Thanks to a career special agent at the IRS who decided to blow the whistle on the corruption in the Biden administration. This whistleblower assistant informed Congress that he has proof that the attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, lied under oath about the Hunter Biden investigation. That’s a felony.

So, the attorney general of the United States committed a felony, according to this whistleblower, who also says he has seen “preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols throughout the agency” and that these changes in standard protocol were designed to “benefit the politically connected.” So, what we’ve learned here is exactly you suspected all along: The Biden people are criminals.

……Including proof that our sleazeball attorney general, whose presence in that job is an offense against the law and tradition of this country, lied under oath, a felony. So, this is not a small story.

The DOJ and the FBI work together to protect the Biden Crime Family. They refuse to acknowledge the mountain of  incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop, they hid the Biden classified documents scandal,  and they dismiss the national security implications of Biden’s connections to the ChiComs and Ukraine.




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