Hugo Chavez Smells Sulfur

Hugo Chavez, socialist Dictator for Life and Obama pal, has croaked from cancer.

From Fox News.

Venezuela’s vice president announced that President Hugo Chavez died on Tuesday, ending 14 years of rule by the firebrand socialist but leaving his party firmly in control of the nation.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro said that Chavez died “after battling a tough illness for nearly two years.”

The death apparently sets up a presidential election to replace Chavez, whose illness prevented him from taking the oath of office for the term to which he was re-elected last year.

Under the constitution, the head of Congress, Diosdado Cabello, would assume the interim presidency.

The announcement came just hours after Maduro announced the government had expelled two U.S. diplomats from the country.

Maduro also said “we have no doubt” that Chavez’s cancer, which was first diagnosed in June 2011, was induced by foul play by “the historical enemies of our homeland.”

“Induced by foul play”   Shit, if only that were true.

“It smells of sulfur in here”

Buh bye mutherfucker. Here’s hoping that the Castros, Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, Mohammed Morsi, Hu Jintao, and Obama aren’t far behind.

And as expected, Chavez’s comrades in the Democrat Party and Hollywood are heaping praise on the corpse of the authoritarian despot:

New York Times reporters swoon over tyrant who silenced Venezuelan press

Michael Moore recalls his special hour with Hugo Chavez, blaming Bush

Oliver Stone tweets that Chavez ‘will live forever in history’

Jimmy Carter wants Hugo Chavez remembered for ‘gains made for the poor and vulnerable’

Appalling: Media swoon over crooner Hugo Chavez; Just a ‘firebrand,’ ‘hero to Venezuela’s poor’

Foul: Rep. Serrano tweets rest in peace; Praises Chavez as ‘empowering the powerless’; Update: Doubles down, photo with Chavez

NYU prof drools over Hugo Chavez at The Nation: ‘I’m what they call a useful idiot’ | Twitchy

Absolutely sick.

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