Humane Treatment of Animals Is “Racist”

Critical race theory goes to the dogs, thanks to a bat-shit crazy “Associate Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies” at the  University of California, Riverside.

Before It’s News

A sick ideology can have countless sick applications. Cultural Marxism (a.k.a. political correctness, critical race theory) now teaches us that expecting people to treat animals humanely is … wait for it … racist:

The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals, Katja Guenther claims that dogs are being killed because of “capitalism, anthroparchy, white supremacy and patriarchy.” She argues that allowing dogs to sleep inside is a privilege reserved for the white and wealthy and that policies against keeping dogs chained up in backyards are intended to oppress people of color by imposing “middle-class norms of animal keeping in which companion animals are considered family and treated accordingly,” which ignore the fact that people of color “are themselves trapped in poverty, may have few options for legitimate income generation and possibly rely on their dogs for … status.”

Unfortunately, Guenther’s misguided book is gaining traction. Shelter director Kristen Hassen opines that Guenther “gets it right” in concluding that “racism, classism and the caste system are at the heart of the broken animal sheltering institution.” Arguing that laws to prevent mistreatment of dogs discriminate against “anyone in the US other than white, middle class and upper-class individuals,” Sloane Hawes, Tess Hupe and Kevin Morris of the University of Denver Institute for Human-Animal Connection cite the book in their proposal to relax enforcement of animal protection laws—a proposal that threatens to reverse decades of hard-won progress.

In Guenther’s condescending viewpoint, if sacred Persons of Color abuse animals, it is only because they are helpless victims of racism.

“When a Latino man on a bicycle drops a dog “while escaping from mall security officers … after stealing a pair of Wrangler jeans,” she explains this away as the result of his “status as marginalized.” When a woman leaves her dog to die at the pound after she has finished breeding her and selling her puppies to buy drugs, it is the fault of her “status as a poorly educated queer woman of color.”

It’s getting more and more difficult to understand why a nihilist waste of skin like Guenther is allowed to occupy space at a university and pollute the malleable minds of students. Academic intelligentsia has turned college campuses into a petri dish of lunacy.

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