Hunter Biden Used Classified Document as Leverage in Deals With Ukraine

A meth head in a corrupt family with access to classified documents. What could go wrong?

Fox News

A particular email from Hunter Biden’s laptop relating to Ukraine should be “cross-matched” with classified materials pertaining to Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Iran that were found at President Biden’s home outside of Wilmington, Delaware, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said Tuesday.

Devine, who has extensively covered Hunter’s laptop scandal, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” it is interesting to note the connection at least on a subject-matter level between what has been revealed about the first tranche of classified documents found at Biden’s Greenville, Delaware, estate, and the email between the first son and his then-business partner Devon Archer.

The email, from April 13, 2014, was sent one week before then-Vice President Biden was to meet with then-Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Host Tucker Carlson remarked the email read like no other missive on the laptop, but could have been mistaken for one written in official State Department jargon or the like.

“The strategic values to create a land bridge for RU [Russia] to Crimea. That won’t directly affect Burisma holdings, but it will limit future UK exploration and utilization of offshore opportunities in particular. It will also further destabilize the UK nationally and for whatever government is in power and the US will respond with even stronger sanctions. Those sanctions will threaten the tenuous support of the EU, which does not have the political will to incur steep energy price increases” and so on,” the email read, host Tucker Carlson reported.

Devine remarked the email “reads like a classified document,” with Carlson noting Hunter even used the diplomatic “RU” abbreviation for the Russian Federation.

“There’s information in there that is not readily available. He sounds very knowledgeable and very breezy about it. And you have to remember that this is at a time – a month before he joined the Burisma board. He needed money desperately, to feed his drug habit, and they were going to pay him $83,000 a month to do not very much,” Devine added.



That document is classified and likely from the State Department. Hunter Biden doesn’t have the intellect or ability to compose anything related to geopolitical analysis.

He stayed at the residence and had full access to whatever his father had on the property, including the classified documents Joe kept in boxes in his garage.

The level of crime involving national security violations should result in indictments. Now that the GOP has a majority in the House, they need to refer charges to the DOJ and tell Garland to prosecute or else.



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