‘I have no voice in the house, and none of the other representatives are interested in listening’

A post by Purple Avenger at Ace of Spades:

See, its like this – Robert Wexler resigned his seat some time ago leaving this district I live in unrepresented in the house until a special election is held. A small token office staff remains to field phone calls and letters, and give out what information they can. BUT they don’t vote in the house.

Now, if I were to LIE on the house email contact web forms and give a phony address and a zip code for another Florida district’s rep, that email would go through.

If I TELL THE TRUTH, and give my actual address and zip code, they bounce me, and aren’t interested in what the Wexler district phantom “non-citizens” have to say.

This really pisses me off. How can you have a vote on something so significant (be it good or bad) as this HCR monstrosity with a large part of the Florida population EXCLUDED from having a voice? Health care and how it get handled is a big deal down here with all the retirees. Wexler’s district was heavy on retirees.

We have no voice. We have no representation.
We do not exist.
So Mr. President, are you all comfy with this present state of affairs where a big swath of FL has no say what so ever in these proceedings?

Avenger’s district is currently without a representative, but every D.C. legislator across the board, should listen to the American people.  I tried to leave a message on Democrat Representative John Boccieri’s website. Since I’m “not in District 16”, he will not respond. This is a convienient way for Senators and members of Congress to avoid larger numbers of Americans who want to let them know that their votes and actions on national issues affect all of us, regardless of where we live. It’s just another form of cowardice.

I have contacted the Congressperson and Senator in my own district, Sherrod Brown and Betty Sutton…both Democrats, and I get the same arrogance and dismissive shit, in a standard form letter.

We have representatives, but no voice.  And they will not listen. 

The elections in November will speak volumes.

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2 thoughts on “‘I have no voice in the house, and none of the other representatives are interested in listening’”

  1. I can understand your plight. While I have a voting rep. he’s so far left that what I say is of no impact. That out of the way, MOC’s who sit on committees do have the obligation to open their ears to those outside their districts because when sitting in committee, they represent the larger population. The unfortunate political reality is that we can’t vote for or against them and unless we band together and either support or oppose them financially they don’t have a stake in hearing our voice.

    1. Dan,

      Unlike Avenger’s predicament, we still have “representatives”. Both Sutton and Brown are leftwing Dems who think imposing Obama’s socialist health care is a great idea. I just e-mailed the both of them again. Brown just sent the standard form letter he sends to everyone, and Sutton has yet to respond, but I suspect she’ll do the same. The stake they have is losing their seats in November. The stake we have is losing this country to some of the worst Marxist health care/economic policies ever inflicted. In spite of Reid’s amendment in the bill that prevents recinding, we will have to find a way to do just that, if this nightmare passes.

      SFC MAC

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