Idiot Lorain Cop Shoots Harmless Labrador, Gets Away With it After “Investigation”

As Dixie was running along Oberlin Avenue, Palmer stopped his cruiser, got out, and pulled out his gun. He shot her five times as she crawled toward the sidewalk. Why does this idiot still have a badge and gun??






Elliot Palmer is an incompetent out of control moron who has no business having a gun and a badge. If he feels that threatened by a harmless labrador, just think what he’ll do if he runs across an excited little kid. He kept shooting the poor dog as it crawled to the sidewalk.

Of course, the Lorain police department found his despicable actions to be “justified”.

There’s always been a pattern of corruption with the Lorain government. This is just the latest example. Tammie Kerns intends to sue. I hope she owns city hall by the time she’s done.



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