Idiot Prosecutor in Rittenhouse Trial Says He Should Have Let Mob Attack Him Because ‘Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes’

I have an idea. Let’s put Kraus in the middle of an Antifa riot and watch his ass get beat.

Remember what happened to Reginald Denny?



James Kraus, one of the prosecutors in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, told the jury in a Kenosha, Wisconsin court Monday that the defendant should have let himself be attacked last August because “everybody takes a beating sometimes.”

Kraus was delivering the rebuttal argument, after fellow prosecutor Thomas Binger gave the first closing argument, and defense attorney Mike Richards responded on behalf of Rittenhouse. The prosecution tried throughout the day to argue that Rittenhouse did not have the “privilege” of self-defense, even though he only shot people who had pursued and attacked him, because he had provoked the attack by bringing his rifle to the Black Lives Matter riot near midnight on August 25, 2020.

Accordingly, Kraus argued, Rittenhouse had a duty to retreat — not just before firing his weapon, but before resisting in any physical way. And he added that Rittenhouse should have allowed himself to be beaten by members of a mob that both he and Binger had described as “heroes,” concerned citizens acting to stop what they saw as an “active shooter” on the street.

“Mr. Richards misstated the standard [for self-defense],” Kraus argued. “It is not ‘could have caused’ great bodily harm or death. It is not ‘likely’ to have caused great bodily harm or death. It is ‘imminent threat’ of death or great bodily harm.

“Where is that, when you get a couple scrapes? Everybody takes a beating sometimes, right? Sometimes you get in a scuffle, and maybe you do get hurt a little bit. That doesn’t mean you get to start plugging people with your full metal jacket AR-15 rounds.”

Kraus also argued that Rittenhouse was “too cowardly” to fight his way out of the crowd by using his bare fists.

Earlier, defense attorney Richards adamantly declared that his client did not have a legal duty to be beaten by a mob.


Those Antifa thugs Krause describes as “heroes” commit murder, arson, assault, looting, vandalism, and literally destroy entire neighborhoods of their livelihoods and businesses.

The comment that he ‘should have fought his way out of the crowd by using his bare fists’, is pretty fucking moronic considering one of the thugs he shot in self defense was pointing a gun at his head.

Once the jury heard that shit, it should have sealed the not guilty verdict right off the bat.

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