‘If a Republican Did This’ Department: Dem Cracks Joke About Killing Trump

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There is no end to the double standards liberals get to boastfully enjoy.

Perhaps there’s been no more glaring example than from California Senator Kamala Harris’ appearance on the Ellen show Thursday. When asked what she would do “if stuck in an elevator” with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, or A.G. Jeff Sessions, Harris ‘jokingly’ asked if only one could “come out alive.”

……As conservative commentator Larry Elders said… Imagine the outrage if that joke had come from a conservative.


They really did not believe Trump would win the election, and after he did, the rabid leftwing lunatics have been in the throes of grand mal seizures.  They attempted sedition, illegal wiretaps, had meltdowns, paid for a fake, lurid dossier, made death threats, and committed acts of violence.

The Democrat Party is the largest hate group in America.

Another example:

leftwing hate for whites



Lovely, aren’t’ they?

Harris’ little stunt on DeGeneres’ leftwing claptrap, should not go unpunished.




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2 thoughts on “‘If a Republican Did This’ Department: Dem Cracks Joke About Killing Trump”

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  2. It’s no joke. Democrats are trying to get a sap to work up the beer muscles to do something, and then the Democrats will step away saying they had nothing to do with anything. The president, to date, since inauguration, has made some errors in selecting holdovers in his administration, but the biggest mistake the president has made, is failing to authorize Constitutional Carry. Therefore he licensed liberal kooks to continue to verbally assail him, because with Constitutional Carry, the liberals would be walking around with both feet in one shoe. Their mouths would be silenced. Eyes clicking. Ears listening. But the president is not really a conservative, and is little more than BHO 2.0 by his actions. In 2020, on election day, I will stay home.

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