Illegal Aliens Make Plans for Their Anchor Babies Under Alabama’s Tough New Immigration Enforcement

More sob stories from illegal aliens.

Terrified by Alabama’s strict new immigration crackdown, parents living in the state illegally say they are doing something that was unthinkable just days ago — asking friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances to take their children if they’re arrested or deported.

Many illegal immigrants signed documents in the past week allowing others to care for their children if needed, assistance groups say, and a couple living illegally in nearby Shelby County extracted a promise from the man’s boss to send their three young children — all U.S. citizens — to Mexico should they be jailed under the law.

A key sponsor of the measure, state Sen. Scott Beason, said such concerns weren’t raised when legislators were considering the bill, and he wonders if the stories now are designed to “pull on heart strings” and build sympathy for illegal immigrants.

But for Maria Patino — who prays every time she leaves home — even a chance encounter with police could end with her two elementary-age children being left alone or taken to foster care if she and her husband are sent back to Mexico. Both are in the country illegally and have no friends or relatives close enough to take in the kids.

“Every time I leave I don’t know if I will come back,” Patino, 27, said through tears. “I can’t stop working. My daughters need shoes and other things.”

Boofuckinghoo.  Had you entered the country and obtained citizenship or residence legally, you wouldn’t have to worry. Come to think of it, many American citizens can’t stop working menial jobs because their children need food, shoes, and other things. 

……Alabama’s law, regarded by many as the toughest in the U.S., was passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature this year and signed by Gov. Robert Bentley. A federal judge blocked some parts of it but allowed key pieces to stand — including a provision that allows police to hold suspected illegal immigrants without bond. On Friday, the U.S. Justice Department and civil rights groups asked a federal appeals court to block the law, saying it could lead to discrimination against even legal residents.

Note that the ‘discrimination’ label only gets used with the possibility of collaring illegals.

However, the law will remain in effect at least until Nov. 29, when the appeals court said it would hear oral arguments.

Immigrant parents say that leaves them little choice other than to seek out people to care for their children because they fear the youngsters — many of whom are U.S. citizens — will be left home alone or sent to foster care if they are suddenly nabbed under the law.

They are ILLEGAL. Exceptions should not be made for anchor babies. I’d give them one of two choices, get deported without their anchor babies which will be put in foster homes, or they all get deported together. Period.

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