Illegal Aliens Pocket $4.2 Billion in Tax Credits

What the fuck?!?

This wouldn’t happen if they got stopped at the damned border.

Talk about a tax loophole.

Undocumented workers (READ: ILLEGALS) collected $4.2 billion in a certain tax credit last year, up from less than $1 billion five years ago, according to a new audit.

The report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration looked only at a tax benefit known as the Additional Child Tax Credit, a refundable credit meant for working families. The audit found that as a result of vague U.S. law — as well as an expansion of the tax credit in stimulus legislation and other measures — the number of illegal workers collecting the money has skyrocketed.

The inspector general’s office expressed concern about the trend and urged the IRS and Treasury Department to determine once and for all whether that money should be paid out.

“The payment of federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts federal law and policy to remove such incentives,” the report said.

Ya fuckin’ think?  Title 8 of the U.S. Code, sections 1324 and 1325 are pretty clear on the matter.

The report highlighted a quirk in U.S. law. Even people who are not authorized to work are supposed to pay the IRS taxes on their income. Many of those people cannot obtain a Social Security number, so to facilitate this the IRS hands out what are known as Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers — so illegal workers can file returns. However, in doing so many of those workers are claiming tax benefits like the Additional Child Tax Credit. For some, it’s a way of making even more money.

……The report said that if the administration determines the credits should not be paid in the future, then the IRS needs the authority to stop them.

According to the audit, the IRS agreed with that recommendation.

If they’re not authorized to work, chances are, they’re not authorized to be in this country. This “additional child tax credit” aids and abets the anchor baby scam, as well.  The illegal alien epidemic costs American taxpayers on average,  $113 billion a year.  Now we find out that the IRS is allowing them to receive tax credits. 

Entry into this country is a privilege, not a right. Illegal aliens are NOT legal residents.  They DO NOT have the same rights under the U.S. Constitution afforded to American citizens.  The United States does not owe them health care, education, or jobs at taxpayers expense.

The anger of American citizens can no longer be ignored by the ICE, or our elected officials. We are fed up with illegals. We are tired of the increase in crime, the strain on health care, the burden on the economy, and the abuse of the welfare system.  The illegal immigration pimps might derive some sort of smug satisfaction from providing them their freedoms and benefits at our expense, but the rest of us are sick of footing the bill for an entire class of derelicts who come here with nothing more than a list of demands.

Memo to the ICE and the Government: Do your jobs.

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  3. La Puente California has city council members approving such crap as to harbor and support illegal mexicans in that community. The city office hires people who speak broken English to answer the phones and then get mad because you cannot speak to them in Spanish. The complaints about illegals living in garages or 10 plus living in a 3 bedroom go nowhere. Our taxes are going up and our tax funded resources are being shut down to accomodate more money for the illegals. This must stop!!

  4. My vote is going to whoever is the frontrunner of the Tea Party, as well as my family, as both Democrats and Democrats have their own decisive agenda’s. Each administration has refused to build the real double fence or enforce the 1986 Immigration Control and reform act. The TEA PARTY will improve on both of these “Rules of Law” and stick like glue to the contents of the U.S. Constitution. As In Article IV, Section 4. That states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

    The flood of illegal workers almost certainly constitutes an invasion. The TEA PARTY will table any form of Amnesty or Immigration Reform and will apply the statutes in the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli with strict enforcement according to the bill. Any Sanctuary City or State ordinances designed to cater to illegal aliens, will lose federal funding and expect ICE sweeps in the future. E-Verify and “Secure Communities” will no longer be a voluntary measure, but applied as a mandate to every state. The TEA PARTY will amend the 14th Amendment, so 300.000 children of illegal aliens annually can no longer get a foothold in America, to ransack the people’s welfare programs and public assistance.


    All new laws will be designed to stop economic illegal aliens from the financial avalanche that is happening now, which includes CHAIN MIGRATION. Each and every Immigration Reform package harvests millions more people CHAIN MIGRATION, which includes the State Dream Acts. All visas will be decided on the skills and qualifications of the person who wishes to immigrate and unwelcome illegal newcomers will be punished harshly for entry. Only the TEA PARTY will enforce our laws, as signified in the living US Constitution. The $113 Billion dollars illegally collected by the IRS to benefit illegal aliens must be ended for good and not be further spiraling out of control because each government refuses to enforce the laws. Blue states like the Sanctuary state of California, must be watched by unbiased referees, to contain illegal aliens from voting. California’s, Nevada’s lax voting laws, need to be revised so everybody must show to forms of official ID, with violators of the law heavy fines and a term in prison.

    As a postscript, that tomorrow President Obama is going to offer a speech on jobs in construction specifically repairing Bridges and highways. We must insure illegal aliens are not employed by criminal contractors, who have encourages this type of violation of our laws. Be a “whistleblower” if you find individuals, who seem suspicious in your occupation and inform ICE or local police Department. Read all the incendiary newspaper and media articles at “American Patrol” that sends the Liberal propaganda activists slinking in dark corners. Lastly, learn of the rot that has propagated in Washington and individual States at “Judicial Watch.”
    MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughiseno

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