Insane: Biden Regime Will Give Taliban $64 Million in ‘Aid’

Afghanistan will reestablish itself as a terrorist operating base and training facility. Biden wants to fund it.

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The United States has pledged almost $64 million in additional “humanitarian assistance” for Afghanistan, officials announced Monday.
According to a government release, funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of State will flow through independent organizations, such as United Nations agencies and NGOs, and “provide life-saving support directly to Afghans facing the compounding effects of insecurity, conflict, recurring natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic.”
“For assistance to be effective, we will need an environment conducive to the principled delivery of aid, including the ability for both female and male aid workers to operate freely,” the press releases reads.
“Even before recent insecurity pushed people from their homes and increased needs, USAID supported a large humanitarian response for more than 18 million people in Afghanistan. This additional humanitarian assistance will provide vulnerable Afghans with critically needed food, health care, nutrition, medical supplies, protection, hygiene supplies, and other urgently needed relief.”
USAID has also activated a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), based outside of Afghanistan, to lead the Biden administration’s humanitarian response. The team is working with partners to provide aid and adapt programs in response to the new environment, the press release states.
The US is the single largest humanitarian donor in Afghanistan, providing nearly $330 million in this year alone. “We will continue to help alleviate the suffering of the Afghan people and call on other donors to step up their contributions to help deliver critical assistance directly to the people of Afghanistan,” the release says.
“The United States remains firmly committed to continue our robust humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan. We are proud to announce an additional $64 million in humanitarian assistance,” tweeted US special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad.


Leaving behind an arsenal of weapons and equipment and control of Afghanistan isn’t enough.  Now Biden wants to give them money to fund their heinous caliphate.

This is treason. Biden wants to turn America into a state sponsor of terrorism.

Remember, the Dems and Never-Trump RINOs voted for this shitbag.

1 thought on “Insane: Biden Regime Will Give Taliban $64 Million in ‘Aid’”

  1. Well, could be a useful barometer:

    Those Afghani migrants who “vote Democrat” might be worth putting on the watch list (assuming there’s room after all those white-ragey-CITIZENS) & seeing if the children (not just girls … eh hem, bacha bazi) are genetically related to them (if … we can actually assume it to be any guarantor of shared morays to not molest your own children too). Hell, if dema-enemies let them vote as soon as they’d like … we might be able to use it to ID the sex traffickers and / molestors (under the aegis of being related).

    It’s impossible to imagine any afghani voting democrat except to honor an enemy who’s a useful idiot and in gratitude for the ease at which they allow their Taliban / Al Qaeda / ISIS brethren in.

    Let’s look at JUST those Afghanis, whatever the percent is, who fled Afghanistan … NOT because there was no opportunity … or because they’re afraid to fight … but because they disagreed with the Taliban — AND, who has NO ANIMUS towards the United States or it’s Citizens. That’s it — only those variables:

    We know they’re almost uniformly muslim … assuming wiki’s telling the truth:
    Sunni: 90%, Shia: 9.7%, other: 0.3%

    In other words, 3 people in a thousand could be: Sunni, Shi’a, Ibadi, Ahmadiyya, and Sufi … while there’s another 1000+ religious on the planet …of the 40M Afghanis, there isn’t 1/10 of a percent of the 4 LARGEST non-muslims in Afghanistan to begin with!

    ~ 1,300 Sikhs (0.003%) or 1 per 31,000
    ~ 600 Hindus (0.0017%) or 1 per 60,000
    ~16,500 Baháʼís (0.04%) or 1 per 2,400
    ~ 3,300 Christians (0.008%) or 1 per 12,000

    THE ABOVE 4 ‘non-muslims’ represent (in aggregate) ≤ 0.05% or all of 22,000 out of 40M. So in addition to the state dept not CARING to save religious minorities … the remainder are going to ALL be MUSLIM … as in, 99.65% … and WHICH OF THEM would vote for people that ADVOCATE for equalily irrespective orientation or gender? Or for the scholastic indoctrination that heteronormatism be STIGMATIZED? Or that your biological gender is irrelevant, and gender fluidity is the paramount ideal for KIDS.

    Kids who’ve always lacked any sense. In which a boy would think he could as much be a dragon as he could convert to a woman. As occurs in the mind of humans unconstrained by the indelible sense of reality acquired by living for a while.

    Instead of being something you can later in life laugh about together,despite parental OPPOSITION courts may GAG parents while someone else gives that child life altering treatments..? (Which SHOULD be classified as LETHAL HARM, as it could easily impair function — life long). Not given — but FORCED on kids without any concept of time, adulthood, adult interests, nor the HORMONES coupled with fetal androgenization or feminization which creates innate dimorphism. And done after “familiarizing” kids via transexuals-exposure..?

    While some of these people are just the randomness of quota hires … some of them have clear goals; the DEMORALIZATION OF THIS SOCIETY, in order to make us most vulnerable to their socialistic dreams.

    WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT this just 10 years ago?

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