Iran-Backed Militia Thugs Retreat From U.S. Embassy in Baghdad After Trump Deploys More Troops

From Fox News

The siege outside of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad came to an end Wednesday afternoon after dozens of pro-Iran militiamen and their supporters withdrew from the compound.
The two-day crisis started early Tuesday, when, in an orchestrated assault, hundreds of protesters stormed the embassy compound, one of the most heavily fortified U.S. diplomatic missions in the world.
As the militiamen cleared the area, smoke still rose from a section of the compound building where hours before they had lit a fire on the roof.

The violent protests, which included smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on the embassy’s walls, were said to be in protest of the deadly U.S. airstrikes that targeted an Iran-backed militia over the weekend, killing 25 fighters. In turn, those strikes had been in response to a rocket attack on an Iraqi Army base that killed a U.S. contractor and injured several American troops.

The protests prompted the Pentagon to send hundreds of additional troops to the Middle East.

……President Trump has denounced the actions by protestersvowing the situation in Baghdad “will not be a Benghazi.”


Kudos to President Trump for standing up to terrorists, unlike Obama and Hillary.


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2 thoughts on “Iran-Backed Militia Thugs Retreat From U.S. Embassy in Baghdad After Trump Deploys More Troops”

  1. Pelosi and her gang are trashing the President over his response to the Baghdad attack. She is known as Madam Speaker. Madams run whore houses. How appropriate!

  2. It’s refreshing to have a President that stands up to fight without first looking to see which whiney group might be offended. If Democrats ruled the White House they would be apologizing to the terrorists in Ragdad for not having an open door policy while offering to pay for any inconvenience they may have incurred. Thank you President Trump. Shut your trap Madam Speaker!

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