Iran Tries to Save Face With Missile Attack After the Death of Terrorist Leader


Soleimani was not just s “general”, he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and facilitated terrorism.

He was the leader of the Al Quds, an unit of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) specializing in unconventional warfare and military intelligence operations.

What was he doing in the Iraq theater of operations?

Via The Federalist

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Iran fired multiple ballistic missiles at a variety of locations in Iraq. According to Fox News, Iranian state television is reporting that Tehran launched “tens” of surface-to-surface missiles at Ain Assad, an airbase in western Iraq that is currently housing American troops. One U.S. official told ABC News that rockets were also fired at Erbil, an airbase in the northern Iraqi Kurdistan region. Iran alleges the attacks are in response to the targeted killing of Quds Force leader, Qassam Suleimani.


The Iranian regime had to launch a ‘retaliatory’ strike, albeit weak, to placate their population. There were no American casualties, which greatly disappoints the assclowns at CNN and MSNBC.

They reacted in typical fashion:




……it was curious that a mere ten missiles dropped dumb pay loads in a U.S. base where the majority of the soldiers were Iraqi. That meant the mission was strictly targeted for a domestic audience and regime stability. Within hours, confirmations started to pour in.

……The Iranian leadership knows that any war with the United States would mean the end of their regime. Just like North Korea, the Iranian drive for the bomb was also to achieve deterrence, from what they consider overwhelming Saudi and American power. The Iranians and the North Koreans learnt from the death of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, and the recent strike on Soleimani would reinforce their paranoia.


Since the hostage taking at the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979,  Iran has been waging war against the West by proxy.

A little perspective for the leftwingnuts:



The lack of American causalities really hit the liberals hard:

The hardest hit in the bombardment were the Democrats in and out of the media who were set to blame President Donald Trump for the loss of life, before we learned there wasn’t any, and who were gleefully spreading Iranian propaganda before the facts were known. There were also many media flubs, naturally, because they’re on the Democrats’ team.


In spite of all their saber rattling, Iran knows not to push America too far.

BTW: Pelosi refused to take a call from VP Pence informing her of the attack. Maybe she was too busy helping Ian.



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  1. The only reason that pus bag Pelosi and her commie cabal were upset at President Trump is because they had plans to let General Dirt Nap and his goat fucking cronies vote in the next US Presidential election. After all, any illegal can now vote in several states. All Salami needed to do was ask for absentee ballots. Boo Hoo Nancy, you old rag. You’ll really blow a gasket when we turn cockamamie Khameni into a pile of smoldering goo. Better get your lips off his ass before the missile hits.

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