Iraq War (Officially) Over

The Iraq War was won a long time ago, even though Obama tried his best to fuck it up, and the leftwing media wouldn’t acknowledge the success.

The last U.S. Soldiers rolled out of Iraq across the border into neighboring Kuwait at daybreak Sunday, whooping, fist bumping and hugging each other in a burst of joy and relief. Their convoy’s exit marked the end of a bitterly divisive war that raged for nearly nine years and left Iraq shattered, with troubling questions lingering over whether the Arab nation will remain a steadfast U.S. ally.

The mission cost nearly 4,500 American and well more than 100,000 Iraqi lives and $800 billion from the U.S. Treasury. The question of whether it was worth it all is yet unanswered.

The last convoy of MRAPs, heavily armored personnel carriers, made a largely uneventful journey out except for a few equipment malfunctions along the way. It was dark and little was visible through the MRAP windows as they cruised through the southern Iraqi desert.

When the convoy crossed the border into Kuwait around 7:45 a.m. local time, the atmosphere was subdued inside one of the vehicles, with no shouting or yelling. Along the road, a small group of Iraqi soldiers waved to the departing American troops.

“My heart goes out to the Iraqis,” said Warrant Officer John Jewell, acknowledging the challenges ahead. “The innocent always pay the bill.”

Soldiers standing just inside the crossing on the Kuwaiti side of the border waved and snapped photos as the final trucks crossed over.

“I’m pretty excited,” said Sgt. Ashley Vorhees. “I’m out of Iraq. It’s all smooth sailing from here.”

The war that began in a blaze of aerial bombardment meant to shock and awe the dictator Saddam Hussein and his loyalists ended quietly and with minimal fanfare.
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There’s still a contingent of people with selective amnesia, who question the validity. The so-called “secular” Saddam Hussein was a megalomaniac in violation of U.N. Resolutions, including UN Resolution 1441, which gave us the specific authority to use force if he did not comply with the dismantlement and discontinuation of his WMD program. We found WMD as well as hundreds of mass graves of people he killed for belonging to different religious sects, and those who opposed his regime. He attacked every neighboring country except Syria from 1979-1991, and gave safe haven and support to terrorists. Our mission was clear; to overthrow and defeat Saddam’s Baathist regime; kill or capture him, and help Iraq build an infrastructure through which it could stabilize and govern itself.

Was it worth it? You bet. Are Americans willing to pay the price for this war against Islamofascism? If they don’t want another 9/11 they had damned well better be. The only viable ’exit strategy’ is to ensure that Islamic extremists and any other malefactor, will think twice about the worth of attacking the United States. To accomplish that will take more than just a piecemeal war in two muslim countries. It will take making William Tecumseh Sherman look like a fucking Boy Scout. Islamic terrorists are trained, funded, supported, and indoctrinated across the Middle East. I’d have neutron-bombed at least 3/4ths of the Middle East on 12 September 2001. That is how you fight a jihad, but I’m a former Soldier, not a politician. We could pull every American military member out of the Middle East and muzzie extremists would still come here and try to kill us, because their avowed goal is to destroy the West; America in particular. Speaking of which, radical Islamic extremist groups operate carte blanche all over the country. Jamaat al Fuqra training camps dot the American landscape. Radical muslims stand on New York City street corners praising the Ft. Hood terrorist atrocity. Muslim recruitment takes place in our prisons, and Imams preach anti-American hate-speech from mosques within our borders. And to top it off, we’re saddled with a Dhimmi in the White House.

I served in Desert Storm and OIF. I’ve kept up with most everything that has transpired during the Iraq war and with the troops.  I am very proud to have been a part of this mission and I’m even more proud of the Soldiers who continued to carry on until successful stabilization, and turning the reigns over to the Iraqi government.

It’s up to Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki and his parliament to take the opportunity to bring his country into the 21st century and help make Iraq’s new found democracy work.

Iraq was once ruled by a WMD-weilding, terrorist-supporting megalomaniac. The threat has been eradicated and there is now a fledgling democracy smack dab in the heart of a region controlled by Islamofascism.

The focus is now on Afghanistan; the other battlefield that the MSM and the public threw down the memory hole. Up until Obama got elected, the war efforts there were going pretty damned good. I’ve always maintained that B. Hussein was given a winning hand in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war is his to lose;  if he doesn’t get the fuck out of the way and let the Army do its job, that’s exactly what will happen.

Remember those who gave their lives and welcome those who have returned home.  Neither should be forgotten.

Duty, Honor, Country

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