Ireland Outlaws Free Speech, Non-Mainstream Media Content

The Dems in this country would love to pass a law just like that to create an entire population of political prisoners.

The snakes have returned to Ireland.






This is the bill’s definition of what “gender” means:

“The gender which a person expresses as the person’s preferred gender, or with which the person identifies, and includes transgender, and a gender other than those of male and female” *.

“Hate speech” is what the government overlords say it is. It only applies to an arbitrary protected class: i.e. trannies and violent Middle Eastern religious cults.  Mention the fact that there are only two biological human genders, use the wrong ‘pronoun’, or even point out that muslims are part of a brutal extremist sect that kills infidels worldwide, and you could end up in jail. Freedom of speech in the UK, Germany, France, and Canada, have eroded thanks to their idiotic liberal stance on muzzie ‘migrants’.  The respective governments have actually made it a crime to criticize the very murderous Islamic ‘culture’ that slaughters their citizens, refuses to assimilate and has established ‘no-go zones’ and enclaves for their Sharia-based oppression.  Christians don’t get the same considerations.

There’s a growing contingent of groups/individuals who want everything that makes them feel ‘victimized’, criminalized.  Gays, minorities, leftwing moonbats, you name it,  try to censor anything that offends them through “lawfare”,  and violence.

Autocrats are all too happy to oblige.



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