Irony: Black Radicals Demand Segregation on College Campuses

All that’s missing are the “whites only” and “colored only” signs. So much for ‘post racial’ America.

From the Washington Examiner.

Segregation was outlawed half a century ago, but some want to bring it back, at least on college campuses. And those seeking to bring segregation back are African-Americans — the very group hurt most by it in the early part of the 20th century.

Across the country last fall, college students began protesting alleged oppression and discrimination by white administrators and students. Most of the grievances centered around a lack of black professors or the names of certain buildings, but some protesters are asking for “safe spaces” where whites aren’t allowed.

A website called details the 76 demand lists from protesters across the country. The College Fix has noted that many of the lists call for segregated sections of campus.

For instance, protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles, demanded a new housing center, called the “Afro-House” for black students only. They also insisted this house have cheaper rent than the surrounding area, claiming that “many black students cannot afford to live in Westwood with the high prices of rent.”

At New York University, students requested an entire floor of a multi-use building be designated solely for student of color. In other words: “No whites allowed.”

At least one college is fighting back against such demands. A spokesman for Claremont McKenna College told the Fix: “No student or group on our campus should live and learn in isolation.”

“Indeed, both law and explicit College policy forbid social or spatial exclusion based on any specifically defined identities of race, ethnicity, or other protected classification,” he added.

The same thing happened in a high school on the outskirts of Chicago that hosted a “black only” student event for “affinity grouping”.

If this keeps up we can go back to all-white and all-black schools.  Some of the denizens in the black community would be very happy about that.

Obviously, they’re pushing for modern segregation. If that’s what they want, and if that’s what would make them happy, go for it.

Just don’t blame ‘whitey’ when the separate-but-equal shit doesn’t work out to your liking.


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