Israel Retaliates Against Bloody Hamas Surprise Attack, Bombards Gaza


Hamas terrorists raped and murdered women before parading their bodies in the streets. They slaughtered innocent men, women, and children then took dozens of hostages. Israel will show them no mercy.

BTW: The Biden Administration Tries to Hide What It Knew About an Impending Massacre, While Leaving U.S. Backing for Iran Untouched:

The continuing proliferation of conflicting and contradictory stories leaked by U.S. intelligence services regarding what they knew—and, more importantly, didn’t know—about the planning for Hamas’ assault on Israel, is more than just a D.C. bureaucratic comedy act. Taken together, the profusion of leaks suggests there are people in offices and agencies across the Beltway who are worried they’ll be blamed for missing signals and human intelligence outlining plans for the largest one-day massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

The gaps in U.S. knowledge of the attacks and Iran’s role must also be understood in the context of a separate but related intelligence scandal. As Tablet reported six days before the attacks, the Biden administration’s former Iran envoy Robert Malley supported and facilitated an Iranian spy ring and brought one of the clerical regime’s assets, Ariane Tabatabai, into the government. She is still at the Pentagon, where as chief of staff to the assistant director of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier, she holds top secret clearances. It’s hardly surprising then that the administration is eager to conceal Iran’s supporting role in the Hamas operation and clear the American spy services of any foreknowledge of the murderous incursion of the Iranian-backed terrorist group into southern Israel, no matter how unlikely such claims are in reality.


NY Post 

At least nine Americans have been killed and others remain missing after Hamas launched its surprise attack on Israel, a National Security Council spokesman told CNN on Monday.

Israel is striking back against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip after the terrorist group launched the worst attack on the Jewish nation in 50 years, in the early morning hours of Oct. 7.

An estimated 700 Israelis have been killed, more than 2,000 are wounded, and 100 are confirmed to have been taken captive by Hamas since the war began.

Worst attack on Israel in 50 years: How we got here
2005: Israel unilaterally withdraws from the Gaza Strip over three decades after winning the territory from Egypt in the Six-Day War.

2006: Terrorist group Hamas wins a Palestinian legislative election.

2007: Hamas seizes control of Gaza in a civil war.

2008: Israel launches military offensive against Gaza after Palestinian terrorists fired rockets into the town of Sderot.

2023: Hamas launches the biggest attack on Israel in 50 years.

Over 700 Israelis are dead over 2,150 are wounded and 100 were taken hostage with the death toll expected to rise after Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets and sent dozens of militants into Israeli towns.

Hamas terrorists were seen taking female hostages and parading them down the street in horrifying videos.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced “We are at war” and vowed Hamas would pay “a price it has never known.”

Gaza health officials report at least 300 Palestinians have been killed with 2,200 injured.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israelis that the war would be “long and difficult” but vowed to take “mighty vengeance” against Hamas.

……The Israeli Defense Forces said they have hit over 2,400 Hamas targets since the war began over the weekend.

“Between Saturday and Monday morning, over 1,200 targets were hit by Israeli aircraft across the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage and manufacturing sites, command and control centers, rocket launchers and more,” the IDF tweeted Monday.

“Today, we doubled that number.”

Biden needs to stop funding the fucking war in Ukraine and give some help to Israel.

Of course, all the leftwing radical vermin come crawling out of the woodwork to cheer for the Islamic excrement.



They’d be thrown off a fucking rooftop.






Notice how quick these groups pop up after their terrorist pals get pummeled.
The resident muzzies in Congress rear their ugly heads.

Gateway Pundit



Fuck her. This is the same PLO bitch who wore a Palestinian flag to her victory celebration.

Ilhan Omar, (MN) has expressed abject hatred for Israel, and wants it wiped off the map. Omar took her oath of office on a fucking Quran, and married her own brother to get him into the country.



Places like Dearborn, MichiganHamtramck, Michigan, and Minneapolis, have turned into radical muzzie enclaves.

We face as much danger in this country from muzzies who skated across the border or were simply allowed in.


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