It Takes a Chinese Village

To contribute to Clinton, that is:

Following several stories about the curious contributions by Norman Hsu, a convicted felon who is now a fugitive, to Sen. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, politicians are scrambling to unload donations they received from him, including Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand.
The L.A. Times reports that Clinton is donating $23,000 she received from Hsu to charity; Gillibrand says she’ll do the same with the $4,600 she got from him.


The wealthy New York businessman who has used friends and associates to exceed contribution limits to Hillary Clinton’s campaign is actually a fugitive whose legal troubles span two decades.
Official “HillRaiser’’ Norman Hsu has been a fugitive from the law since the early 1990s when he accepted a three-year prison sentence in California for grand theft but instead disappeared. Hsu received the jail time for cheating investors out of $1 million to purportedly operate a business that never existed.
In the years that he has avoided the law Hsu has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for top Democrats, including California Senator Dianne Feinstein, Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, Illinois Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama and, of course Clinton. In fact, to earn the coveted title of “HillRaiser” Hsu promised to raise at least $100,000 for her presidential campaign.
Although Hsu is wanted by California authorities and he is officially a fugitive in the state, the businessman hasn’t exactly been hiding. He has kept a high public profile, participating in big Democratic fundraisers at fancy venues and allowing the photos to be posted on political web sites.

This guy has been hiding in plain sight for 15 years and the authorities couldn’t find him.

More campaign chicanery:

A wealthy Pakistani businessman who funneled thousands of dollars in illegal contributions to her campaign actually appears on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list.
Abdul Rehman Jinnah lived in Southern California and fled the country after federal prosecutors charged him with conspiracy and illegal campaign contributions to various Democratic senators. (He turned himself in to the FBI in May) Not surprisingly, Clinton and her fellow Democrats—including California Senator Barbara Boxer–said they had no idea that their lucrative donor was violating the law.

Hsu’s contributions closely match that of the Paw family, a Chinese clan residing in a  quaint San Francisco bungalow.   The father is a Postal carrier, the mother is a housewife, their children have what can be described a middle class jobs—yet in the past 2 years, they’ve managed to scrape together over $200,000 for Democratic candidates.


Déjà vu. Hillary is practicing the same campaign fund raising activity as Bubba and algore. John Huang, Charlie Trie and James Riady ring a bell? Hsu is already a criminal fugitive. The icing on the cake would be a Beijing connection. The Chinese government had a big stake in Bubba’s 96 re-election, and they were not pleased with Gore’s defeat in 2000.  Apparently, the W-88 nuke warhead and the Loral missile tracking technology weren’t enough.

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Chinese Village”

  1. “It takes a Chinese village”….I love your headline…hahaha. Lots of people in the U.S.A. are blogging on how the mainstreammedia is ignoring this story and they feel it is a serious issue!!! After Labor day, Tuesday morning there will a lot of letters, phone calls and e-mails to Congress asking for this issue to be investigated. I hope justice will prevail!!!

    Thank you for your service to Our country and keeping us free. You are a “Great American” !!!!!!!


    This is a pair of weasels who won’t ever become ermine — even in winter. He’s a Socialist, she’s a Marxist; together, they’re a really nasty piece of work.

    Harking back to ’96, you forgot to mention Christine Kanchanalak, who ran back to the Philippines rather than answer inconvenient questions.

    Also, there was that Chi-Com woman (I forget her name) Slick was running around with for a while who was caught funneling cash from China; she turned out to be employed by Chinese Intelligence. Is that close enough to a Beijing connection?

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