It’s a Romney-Ryan GOP Ticket

The House budget chairman and Representative from Wisconsin is now GOP VP candidate.

Excellent choice.

From Fox News.

Republicans on Saturday rallied around Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president, saying the House budget guru brings strong conservative credentials to the GOP ticket and reinforces the campaign’s message that big government is ruining America.

“Romney-Ryan will get our fiscal house in order and get Americans working again,” New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said.

Ayotte, who had been mentioned as a 2012 potential vice presidential candidate, made the comments on her Twitter account, adding that Ryan was a “fantastic choice.”

Republican strategist John Brabender told that choosing Ryan “shows Romney is making a concerted effort to get the economy back on solid fiscal ground.”

Brabender, a long-time strategist for Rick Santorum, also said the Ryan choice will go beyond pleasing the Republican Party’s conservative wing to where the entire party will “overwhelmingly embrace” Romney’s choice.

“The choice says what we believe in is what we will be campaigning on,” Brabender said.

Republicans also hailed the pick because Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, Republicans is a known quantity – a pragmatist, devout Catholic and strong fiscal conservative.

Romney’s selection of Ryan as VP candidate has the libtards in a frenzy. He single-handedly chewed Obama a new asshole over the reality of ObamaCare, spending, the debt, and the deficit.

Watch the whole thing, especially when Obama the SCOAMF can’t even construct a coherent response.

Paul Ryan is a very good choice for VP and I can hardly wait until he gets to cut Biden to shreds during the debates.

Some bio, and background on Ryan from the Weekly Standard HERE. 


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3 thoughts on “It’s a Romney-Ryan GOP Ticket”

  1. And if you look at what I have seen of the Dems in office so far this cycle under Obomba, no one can win except for R&R if one goes by what this country needs.

  2. I just wish their names could be presented together in a more-favorable way than R&R, because most people associate that term meaning rest and relaxation; which is truly not needed in anything political imo.

    1. Jan,
      Somehow, I think the Dems view a Romney and Ryan ticket as anything but “R&R”, especially when it comes to what will happen to all of their socialist dreams if Romney wins in November.

      SFC MAC

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