It’s Only a ‘Hate Crime’ When the Victim is Black (Part II)

Roving gangs of Blacks on Baltimore busses have been engaging in racially motivated crimes. Where in the hell is the NAACP?  Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton?

After the recent attack on Sarah Kreager:

It looks like another group of thugs have picked up where the others left off:

BALTIMORE — Maryland Transit Administration officials are investigating a second reported assault on a bus in the last week. Meanwhile, surveillance photos have been released and the bus driver has been taken off the road.

Patrick Green and Robert Rothe told WBAL TV 11 News that they were antagonized and attacked after boarding the No. 64 bus late Monday night in south Baltimore.

The men, who are white, said the attackers yelled racial slurs and that no one on board, including the driver, stepped in to stop the attack. MTA surveillance cameras captured four men boarding the bus at the Hanover Street stop Monday night, moments before Green and Rothe got on.

Green and Rothe said they believe other passengers were afraid to help and that the driver refused to call for help.

“We were saying the whole time to the driver, ‘You need to help us, call the police,'” Green told 11 News reporter Kerry Cavanaugh. “He said, ‘I can’t. I’ll get in trouble.'”
Roth said the driver closed the door and drove away, even though the attack continued once they got off the bus.

“We could’ve been left on the side of the road, dead,” Rothe said.

MTA officials said the driver of the bus is currently not operating a vehicle while the incident is being investigated.

MTA officials said they’re not currently classifying the incident as a hate crime. They said they’re simply calling it a common assault.

Green and Rothe said they’re mad it took MTA officials three days to release photos of the suspects.

A ‘common assault’ ????? Tell you what, when white people start arming themselves like Bernie Goetz, maybe the MTA and those who deny that these are hate crimes, will get the message.  Sharpton, Jackson, and the other “activists” can’t get past the ‘blackness’ of their own mentality. The culture that spawns this type of behavior is glorified on BET, MTV, and by the “gangsta rap” genre.  It goes beyond this into teenaged parents with illegitimate children,  gratuitous violence, and intellectual bankruptcy.  The perpetual condition is handed down to successive generations like a damned heirloom.

I always ask this question: “WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?”.  The inevitable answer; that’s where the kids get their behavior.

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