It’s Only a Hate Crime When the Victim is Black, Part IV

Previous examples:

A white teenager on a schoolbus in St. Louis was beaten in a racially-motivated crime. Who does the leftwing media and NAACP blame? Why, they throw the race card and blame Rep. Joe Wilson.

The St. Louis NAACP has come out defending the teenage thugs who were caught on camera brutally beating a student because he is white. Local St. Louis NAACP race hustler B.T. Rice actually went on Channel 4 (KMOV) St. Louis and blamed Congressman Joe Wilson, not the monsters who carried out the attack. Rice downplayed the incident and said that white resentment of having a black president is fueling anger among whites, not the actual beating!

Can you imagine if the races had been reversed. B.T. Rice would be leading NAACP protest marches in Belleville right now!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is calling it “bullying” and has disabled comments on the story on its website. The Post-Dispatch, known as one of the most left-wing in the nation, accuses online readers of “racism.”

Police Capt. Sax, who initially stated on camera that he thought it was a racially motivated attack, has now backed down to pander to the NAACP, the left-wing media, and probably his boss. Did we mention that Belleville has a black police chief?

The school has issued ten days suspension to the two main perpetrators, a badge of honor in the black community.

The race pimps always excuse this type of thuggish behavior with double standards.  Instead of taking responsibility for the actions of people in their community, they blame the victim.

Racism, as much as the NAACP denies it, runs both ways.

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