IVAW Wackjobs Threaten Gathering of Eagles, Counter-Protestors

The “Winter Soldier II” circus will be conducted next week in D.C. by a bunch of nihilistic idiots who have shamed themselves and disgraced their (former) military service.

I blogged about these losers here:


A few of their members have threatened and denigrated counter-protesting veterans with violence and epithets.  In a recent screed by a member of the IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War), some bilgecrapping asswipe by the name of “Evan M. Knappenberger” demonstrated that he and his ilk are a waste of skin.

Here’s just a little of what the candyass has to say for himself:

Since when did the Wobbly Nomad become such a big hit? I didn’t know radical revolutionary ideas could be so … powerful! I didn’t know that one Iraq Veteran could be so … effective!

So here’s the scoop. Gathering of Eagles is bunch of bullshit, and as far as I am concerned, they all need to either go eat an IED in Iraq, or go drink some dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (agent orange, assholes) and suck it the fuck up for Big Brother.

……I do not apologize for my views. I am not going to harm these fuckheads. I just like picturing their tears, mixed with their blood, standing hooded on a box with electric hook-ups attached to their reproductive organs at Abu Ghraib. I love the image of seeing them standing there, shaking, wondering about how inherently “right” American foreign policy is.

Link: http://wobblynomad.blogspot.com/

Well, I don’t apologize for mine, either. You’re a filthy fucking disgrace, Knappenberger.

I bet you enlisted just for the college money and whatever freebies you thought you might get.

Here you are pissing and moaning about what it takes to extract information from and kill the terrorist scumbags who not only murdered some of our fellow citizens and Soldiers, but are part of a larger Islamofascist effort to subject Western civilization to a Caliphate.

The atrocities they commit is what should have your panties in a wad.

You’re one of those puerile disciplinary problems who needs a swift kick in the ass out of the military. 

Newsflash: The draft went out with Jimmy Carter. You enlisted voluntarily, and anyone who’s been in the military for at least 2 minutes knows that you go where the country sends you. Got a fucking problem with that? Don’t enlist.

Don’t have the stomach to go fight the enemy that killed 3000 people on this soil? Don’t join.

You’re a Soldier, and you can’t even act like one.  The people who see through your horseshit (like me) are Iraq War vets, and spent more time in the chow line than you have on this earth. We know better.

I bet you were booted out on a Chapter.


SFC Jonn Lilyea, US ARMY (RET) of “This Ain’t Hell” has kept a running tab on these idiots here:


He’ll be one of the milbloggers reporting from the “event”.

For updates on the Gathering of Eagles counter-protest go here:


We’ll see if the craven little turdballs make good on their threats.

Stay tuned.

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