Jackbooted Insanity in Scotland: Comedian Convicted Because He Taught His Pet Dog ‘Nazi Tricks’

George Orwell called. He says 1984 is going exactly as he envisioned.

Via Breitbart

Scottish comedian Mark Meechan — better known as ‘Count Dankula’ — has spoken out after his conviction for causing “gross offence” by posting a video of his girlfriend’s pug performing tricks.
The YouTube comic, whose channel has close to 130,000 subscribers, filmed the pug named Buddha watching recordings of Adolf Hitler, lifting his paw on hearing the command ‘Sieg Heil’, and responding to a phrase the Scottish courts deemed “grossly offensive” — and therefore illegal under hate speech laws.

Meechan, who says at the beginning of the offending video that its goal is to annoy his girlfriend by turning her pug into “the least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi”, has always maintained that he is not a racist, and that the Nazis are in fact that a butt of the joke.

It does seem unlikely that Hitler’s Reich would have appreciated Meechan’s video, as the Nazi government did in fact pursue a lengthy investigation into a Finnish man who trained his dog to react to the command ‘Hitler’ by raising his paw, feeling it made a mockery of their leader.

……“We are considering the route of appeal, because there’s been a huge miscarriage of justice. I think it is a very, very dark day in regards to freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” Meechan told reporters after Sheriff Derek O’Carroll convicted him.

“The thing that was most worrying is that one of the primary things in any action that is to be considered is things like context and intent, and today context and intent was completely disregarded, and for the system to actually disregard such things like that mean that your actions no longer matter — they decide what your context and intent is,” he added.

“So, for any comedians in Britain, I’d be very, very worried about making jokes in future, because your context and intent behind them apparently don’t matter anymore.”

……Meechan’s online content covers a wide range of topics, lampooning modern artsocial justice activists, and working in call centres.

He outlined his own political views in broad terms after the onset of the pug controversy, and considers himself a “centre-left libertarian”.

He concluded his after-trial statement with an appeal to the public: “Don’t let your memes be dreams. You’d better print that.”


The Thought Police in the UK have gone full jackboot.


My response:

This is a photo of a public announcement at a Britain train station:


Reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Think out loud or say something in public deemed to be a crime against the State and you’ll get prison.

From Steven Crowder:

You have no right to be in a constant state of bliss, carrying about with nary a concern. You have no right to any kind of feeling, for that matter. You have no right to hear or see only that which you find pleasing. In short, you have no right to be a sensitive bitch baby. Yet the United Kingdom, a formerly great nation, convicted a man of a hate crime for daring to teach his girlfriend’s pug a trick. A trick some people found “offensive.” Pugs. Tricks. Let that sink in.

……The main point here isn’t the context of the joke itself. The joke’s content shouldn’t matter. Meechan could’ve taught the dog to form a crucifix while barking in response to a Hail Mary. Shouldn’t matter. Meechan could’ve just appeared on YouTube, with no dog at all, to say “Flibbergibbit I’m a pretty, pretty lady.” Shouldn’t matter. Meechan could’ve filmed himself making fish faces while burping speeches by Margaret Thatcher. Shouldn’t. Matter.

There is no right to go through life not being offended. Which is the crux of the problem with “hate crimes.” Who gets to define “hate”? Because in Count Dankula’s case, it’s trolls getting ragey in the comment section. At least that’s how I understand this story. Going by those rules, LouderwithCrowder.com would shut down over “hate speech” for daring to point out weed lacks the nutritional value of kale. Anytime we say anything other than butt-kissing praise for weed, the potheads rage in the comment sections. Ergo saying “weed has negative side effects” is hate speech.

The United Kingdom has reached a tragic turning point. Any speech the authorities deem “hateful” is a criminal offense, with the punishment of prison. I cannot underscore how dangerous a precedent this is. Not just for the United Kingdom, but for everyone living in the Western World. If you believe “This will never happen in America” don’t count on it. The left salivates over thought control, exercised through the punishment of “hate crimes.” They will celebrate Count Dankula’s case.


The UK is just as batshit crazy over the muzzie invaders they’ve allowed into their territory.  Their pandering cowardice outweighs the carnage.



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