James O’Keefe From Project Veritas Visits Army National Guard Virus Testing Center: ‘Pandemic is Overblown’

From Steven Crowder

Remember how we used to not trust everything media said because they usually have a narrative? We’re talking here about the same media which took Jussie Smollett’s side, insisted Nick Sandmann was a white supremacist, and Donald Trump a Russian agent. Now the media promises COVID-19 is as serious as they’re telling us it is. But James O’Keefe, who’s been consistently suspicious of the media, got a feeling that maybe media was possibly overhyping the situation, since they’re the media. Overhype is just what they do on days that end in Y. He visited a COVID-19 testing center to talk to the people on the front lines and found that, sure, media could be overblowing this flu.

Most of the people who come through the center had a cough and that’s it. Other people are affected more seriously.

So… like the flu.

We get seasonal flus every year. Some people get flu shots because we know a flu or two is going to come through and give us all the “ahhh-chooos!” Yes, I’m trying to make light. I think we all need to stop taking this thing so damn seriously and have some perspective here.

Every year people die from flu complications. Usually those with underlying health conditions or just being a few years too old and their immune systems just can’t take it anymore. Annual deaths from the flu range from 20,000 a year (in the United States alone) to as high as 61,000 a year. In the United States alone. I didn’t pull those numbers out of my booty hole, those are direct from the CDC, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Yet media isn’t broadcasting those numbers and too few people are seeking them out.


Worldwide, there are approximately 290,000 to 650,000 deaths per year because of the flu. No one bats an eye.


Media has done a great job (as usual) highlighting the victims of this illness, pulling at our heart strings as many of us do care about people living or dying. But media seems to be steadfastly ignoring people who are filing for unemployment or losing their businesses due to this shutdown over a flu. Right now someone is screaming at me for even calling it a flu. But people are losing their livelihoods, they’re losing their ability to provide for their families. Their stories also matter and we need to hear them out.


When the hysteria dies down and people (including the emotional wrecks at the stock exchange) get back to normal, the media and the politicians who pushed this frantic behavior will forget all about it and the economic damage they caused, with their overreaction.




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  1. I was planning to say “What? So Jussie Smollet was not on the up-and-up?”

    However, some wandering liberal might see the comment and think that I am serious.

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