Jane Fonda ‘Explains’ Her Trip to Hanoi

Hanoi Jane Fonda just posted an explanation on her blog about her “goodwill trip” to Hanoi in 1972.  Evidently, QVC cancelled her appareance in response to protests, so she felt obligated to post another feckless explanation.

She wants to tell the truth.

She starts out by describing her father’s influence in her life, his movies, and his being ‘part of the fight against fascism’. She excluded communist fascism, by the way. It goes downhill from there. Her story covers everything from her meeting with GI war resisters in Paris, visiting military bases, and speaking with Army psychiatrists, as if she were just a college student working on a thesis. She was just a sincere, peace-loving,  flower child activist who wanted to extend some “goodwill” diplomacy to the peace-loving communist Viet Cong and NVA.  Honest.

Let’s take a look at Jane’s sight-seeing pictures:



Original caption: 7/15/1972-Hanoi, Vietnam- In this photo monitored in Tokyo and received from Hanoi 7/15, anti-war activist and Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda sights through the scope of anti-aircraft weapon while touring the North Vietnamese capital 7/14. She arrived here for a visit 7/8 at the invitation of the Vietnam Committee for Solidarity with the American People. Filed 7/15/1972. July 15, 1972 Hanoi, North Vietnam



She sure had fun.

H/T: 1stcavmedic.com:

Jane Fonda began her participation in anti-war activities around 1967, allegedly after meeting with Communists while in France and with American citizens who were revolutionaries. Her activities included active participation in demonstrations, rallies, radio broadcasts and plays.

Jane Fonda also helped in the organization of a production group called the F.T.A. (Fuck The Army). This group helped to set up coffee houses near military bases where they would perform anti-war derogatory-type sketches for the visiting Soldiers. The coffee-house sketches were intended to counterpoint the U.S.O. shows, such as Bob Hope and other U.S.O. sponsored performers whose performances increased morale and gave positive support to American soldiers. Some of the F.T.A. coffee house employees would mingle with the soldiers to help them to “relax and unwind”, while encouraging the soldiers to desert. Some soldiers alleged that they were promised jobs and money by the F.T.A. if they deserted.

The Vietnam Veterans Against the War Organization received major financial support from Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda’s F.T.A. coffee houses helped in recruiting Soldiers and veterans for the Vietnam Veterans Against The War Organization. The Vietnam Veterans Against the War Organization membership was approximately 7,000 at its highest. The Organization’s membership number was comparatively low, when you consider that more than 2 1/2 million Americans served during the Vietnam war.

Jane Fonda personally sought out returning American Soldiers from Vietnam to solicit them to publicly speak out against American atrocities against Vietnamese women and children during her broadcasts. North Vietnamese officials based in Canada allegedly coordinated her broadcasts.

In 1972 Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and others traveled to North Vietnam to give their support to the North Vietnamese’s Government. When she returned to the United States, she advised the news media that all of the American Prisoners of War were being well treated and were not being tortured.

As the American POWs returned home in 1973, they spoke out about the inhumane treatment and torture they had suffered as prisoners of war. Their stories directly contradicted Jane Fonda’s earlier statements of 1972. Some of the American POWs such as Senator John McCain, a former Presidential candidate, stated that he was tortured by his guards for refusing to meet with groups such as Jane Fonda’s. Jane Fonda, in her response to these new allegations, referred to the returning POWs as being “hypocrites and liars.”

The Wall Street Journal (August 3, 1995) published an interview with Bui Tin who served on the General Staff of the North Vietnam Army and received the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam on April 30, 1975. During the interview Mr. Tin was asked if the American antiwar movement was important to Hanoi’s victory. Mr. Tin responded “It was essential to our strategy” referring to the war being fought on two fronts, the Vietnam battlefield and back home in America through the antiwar movement on college campuses and in the city streets. He further stated the North Vietnamese leadership listened to the American evening news broadcasts “to follow the growth of the American antiwar movement.”

A compilation of Fonda’s malfeasance can be found here:
Link: http://www.1stcavmed…/jane_fonda.htm

She and Tom Hayden (her then husband) also traveled to Czechoslovakia, where, during a meeting with Viet Cong representatives, he announced: “I am Viet Cong. We are all Viet Cong.”

This is not her first “apology”.  In 1988, she cried crocodile tears during a Barbra Walters interview. She did a repeat performance in 2000.

Dear Jane:

The truth of the matter is, no one is buying your shit sandwich. You collaborated with the enemy and gave them aid and comfort. You willingly engaged in pro-Viet Cong activities and propaganda broadcasts, during which, you berated American troops and POWs.

I was a teenager when you made your “goodwill” trip and I distinctly remember watching you regurgitate pro-Viet Cong dogma on the evening news.

That laughing and clapping you did was in response to being told the gun had been used to shoot down American planes.

You accused U.S. military and political leaders of being “war criminals.” You claimed that P.O.W.’s reports of being tortured in captivity were “laughable” and said they were “exaggerating, probably for their own self-interest.” You called them “professional killers” and said that they were “no more heroes than Custer was.”

Your imbecilic statements that prove you were more complicit than you admit:

“To the U.S. servicemen who are stationed on the aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin, those of you who load the bombs on the planes should know that those weapons are illegal. And the use of those bombs or condoning the use of those bombs, makes one a war criminal.”

“I’m not a pacifist. I understand why the Vietnamese are fighting…against a white man’s racist aggression. We know what U.S. imperialism has done to our country so we know what lies in store for any third world country that could have the misfortune of falling into the hands of a country such as the United States and becoming a colony…You know that when Nixon says the war is winding down, that he’s lying.”

“If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become Communist.”

“I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism.”

“We’ve got to establish a socialist economic structure that will limit private profit-oriented businesses. Whether the transition is peaceful depends on the way our present governmental leaders react.”

This is all from a woman who has made millions off of the capitalist entertainment industry.

After all you did to collaborate with an enemy who not only killed Americans, but went on to kill 2 million more of their own people after we withdrew, you come up with this shit:

It is unconscionable that extremist groups circulate letters which accuse me of horrific things, saying that I am a traitor, that POWs in Hanoi were tied up and in chains and marched passed me while I spat at them and called them ‘baby killers.

“Extremist groups”, like veterans of the Vietnam war and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan?  You ran your mouth about Iraq back in 2007, in an attempt to rekindle what’s left of your has-been activist career.  It failed.

You were an adult and you knew goddamned well what you were doing. You have a lot in common with Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose. Your actions were  the very definition of  treason; a violation of allegiance to one’s country.

The Viet Cong and NVA that you admired, committed some pretty horrific acts.

Your behavior, combined with the massive hateful protests on college campuses and in the streets, gave a good amount of support to the enemy forces fought by American troops and helped fuel the terrible aftermath.

I came across this news story from 2005:

Vietnam Veteran Spits on Jane Fonda:

A man spit tobacco juice into the face of actress Jane Fonda after waiting in line to have her sign her new book, police said.

The man ran off but was quickly caught by police Tuesday night and charged with disorderly conduct.

Fonda has been on tour and doing interviews to promote her just-published memoir, “My Life So Far.”

The thrice-married, two-time Academy Award winner covers a wide array of topics, including her 1972 visit to Hanoi to protest the Vietnam War, during which she was photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. She has apologized for that photo, but not for opposing the war.

Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department said that although Fonda did not want to press charges against Michael A. Smith, 54, of Kansas City, he was arrested on a municipal charge of disorderly conduct after off-duty officers caught him just outside Unity Temple, where Fonda was signing books.

Lockhart said Smith was released on bond late Tuesday night and is due to appear in municipal court on May 27.

Smith, a Vietnam veteran, told The Kansas City Star on Wednesday that Fonda was a “traitor” and that her protests against the war were unforgivable. He said he normally does not chew tobacco but did so Tuesday solely to spit juice on the actress.

“I consider it a debt of honor,” he told The Star for a story on its Web site, www.kansascity.com

“She spit in our faces for 37 years. It was absolutely worth it. There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did.”

Kudos to Smith for what he did. That bitch has a lot more coming to her than just a face full of tobacco juice.

Fuck you, Jane. You are an unconscionable traitor and you deserve every bit of animosity and criticism you get.

12 thoughts on “Jane Fonda ‘Explains’ Her Trip to Hanoi”

  1. SARG…you and I both kno’ nuttin’s gonna happen to the sleezeballs…I do unnerstan’ your anger but it’s one of those battles that are unwinable (spel chicks day off)…

    I didn’t say fergit or forgive…just pick battles that can be won…an’ a “young” woman like yose’f don’t need to be gittin’ grey hairs over fondu…

    now pass that bong…damn it!!!

    1. Butt,
      She brought this on herself. Every so often she comes out with another piss-poor attempt at justification for her treason. The shit hit the fan this time over the “explanation” she posted on her blog. She wanted publicity, she got it. If she was looking for sympathy, it’s in the dictionary, between “shit” and “syphilis”. If she were smart, she’d leave well enough alone and accept the fact that actions have consequences. As long as Fonda has to face the scorn of those she betrayed, and suffer the consequences through loss of business (QVC), then we can say those battles are won. As for the winning the war, nothing less than her shameful fade into obscurity will do.

      SFC MAC

  2. someone said…”any publicity is good…if it’s free” or something like that…

    while I served in the land of rice paddies, sloughs and very pretty wimmin…jane made a good will visit to uncle Ho…

    as an american she had every right to go where she pleased…although she pissed a lot of people off…she was doing a photo op mission for herself…

    Treason??? naaah!!!…ancient history??? maybe!!!…hell I’ve forgotten most of the things that happened waaaaay back then…hell I’ve forgotten what happened yestaday….

    let it go folks…

    heeey don’t bogart sarg!!!

    1. Butt,
      Let it go? Sure, whenever she’s tried for treason. It wasn’t just a “photo op”, it was to promote the communist VC and the NVA as well as denigrate American forces. There’s a big difference between protesting and giving direct aid and comfort to the enemy. The protests were bad enough, but she made a personal trip to Hanoi in order to show her allegience to the enemy.

      I feel the same way about that punk Sean Penn, Dennis Kucinich, the Baghdad Democrats, and the Dems who went to Cuba:

      Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Tip O’Neill did their bit during the Cold War:

      There are two things every American should read before they say “let it go”: Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution and the Logan Act.

      Assclowns like Kennedy, Carter, Fonda, McDermott, et al, are in the same category as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

      The line for treasonous activity keeps getting moved, and no one seems to give a shit.
      SFC MAC

  3. Dan from NYC

    I’ve never changed my perception of Hanoi Jane and never will. All this little Commie “Socialism for the Masses, Big Paydays for Me” twat is doing is gearing up for another personal score with yet again another foray into capitalism via a book deal or some such shit since no one wants to buy anymore of saggy assed workout videos.

    She is yearning for some kind of relevance when in fact she is less than a brief footnote not even worthy of raising my blood pressure.

    Fuck her! I wouldn’t waste the gas money it’ll take to piss on her grave.

  4. Dan from NYC

    I’ve never changed my perception of Hanoi Jane and never will. All this little Commie “Socialism for the Masses, Big Paydays for Me” twat is doing is gearing up for another personal score with yet again another foray into capitalism via a book deal or some such shit since no one wants to buy anymore of saggy assed workout videos.

    She is yearning for some kind of relevance when in fact she is less than a brief footnote not even worthy of raising my blood pressure.

    Fuck her!

  5. jOCS, USNR(RET)

    Is there a statute of limitations on the crime of treason? I was seven years into my Navy career when she took her little holiday in Hanoi. I thought then – and still do – that she, and her equally despicable husband, should be stood up against a wall and shot.

    1. jOCS,
      There’s no statute of limitations for treason:

      Murder, capital crimes or crimes punishable by death, such as treason, have no statute of limitations. The Patriot Act, passed in 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist strikes, also removed statutes of limitations on numerous terror-related crimes. Most federal crimes involve tax fraud, wire fraud and other crimes that cross state lines. These generally carry statutes of limitations of around five years.

      Treason as defined in Section 3 in the U.S. Constitution:

      “ Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
      The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

      There’s no doubt in my military mind that Fonda met the requirements.
      SFC MAC

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