Jerone Davison for Congress Ad Turns Tables on Dem Racists


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Jerone Davidson is a black man running as a Republican for a Congressional seat in Arizona.  That may not seem all that remarkable until you look at Davidson’s truly impressive background and life.  Davidson is a former Arizona State University student-athlete, NFL player, and ordained minister who travels America sharing inspiration, passion, and faith.

As a faith-filled motivational speaker, his unifying speeches offer cold hard truths of this country and are both memorable and moving.  One listens to his common sense approach to America’s problems and cannot help but come away thinking, “This guy gets it!”

Davidson grew up in the deep south in a childhood in the small town of Picayune, Mississippi. He and his family fell upon rough times whereby he dropped out of high school. Sometime thereafter, he was able to enroll in Solano Community College in Northern California, where he would go on to break school rushing records as a player on the college’s football team. His accomplishments were so great he became an inductee into the school’s Football Hall of Fame.

From there, Davidson accepted a full football scholarship to Arizona State University, where he would earn a bachelor’s degree.  Thereafter he was selected by the Oakland Raiders. Today Davidson serves as a spirit-filled speaker to youth, relating his story as an example of how the American Dream can be achieved by anybody, including those seemingly most down and out.

A new political campaign ad by Davidson is going viral on the Internet.  It is causing conservatives to smile and cheer and liberals to cringe and cry.  In his ad, the Republican congressional candidate is shown with an assault rifle defending home and family from a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods.

Davison is one of five Republicans running for the GOP nomination in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, which includes parts of Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler.  The first week of July, he posted his 24-second clip with the caption “Make Rifles Great Again.”  His new ad quickly went viral on Twitter, amassing more than 1 million views the first half of the day posted and then doubling that amount in total views by the second half (July 6, 2022).

The text of his ad is him speaking:
“Democrats like to say: ‘No one needs an AR-15 for self-defense. That no one could possibly need all 30 rounds.’

But when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you just might need that semi-automatic and all 30 rounds.”

What carries the message is the video.  The end of the ad shows the Democrats depicted as Klansmen who had come to lynch him with weapons of barbed wire wrapped bats, batons, and gardening tools are seen fleeing at the sight of Davidson armed with his assault rifle pointed straight up in the air.

The video’s final image features a KKK hood floating in Davison water.
“Make Rifles Great Again” – Jerone Davidson


When it comes to racism, no one does it like the Dems.

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