Jimmy Carter: Portrait of an Abject Failure

There’s an old saying that goes: “Let your life serve as a warning to others”. In Jimmy Carter’s case, that’s an understatement. In the “worst president in history” category, it’s a tie between Jimmy Carter and Bubba Clinton. Neither was keen on national security, and both were dismal failures at foreign policy. They were however, adept at smooth-talking minorities and poor into believing that age-old myth of the “Democratic party being for the “working class”. All one needs to do is study the history of the Unions in this country to see the result of that lie.

The former Georgia peanut farmer never met a dictator he didn’t like. His approach to foreign dictators is stomach-turning.

Of Saddam Hussein, Carter said: “Even if his effort is successful [Colin Powell addressing the U.N. Security Council] and lies and trickery by Saddam Hussein are exposed, this will not indicate any real or proximate threat by Iraq to the United States or to our allies.” Instead, Carter wanted a “a sustained and enlarged inspection team, deployed as a permanent entity until the United States and other members of the U.N. Security Council determine that its presence is no longer needed”.

Evidently, 12 years of Hussein’s nose-thumbing trickery wasn’t convincing.

During his disastrous administration he declared that Yugoslavia’s Marshall Tito was someone “Who believes in human rights”, and told Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu that “Our goals are the same: to have a just system of economics and politics”.

Thanks to hapless foreign policy decisions which resulted in the abandonment of the Shah, mishandling of the Iranian hostage crisis, and botched rescue attempt, this myopic simpleton was responsible for thousands of deaths, and left the door wide open for a succession of Iranian Ayatollahs and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

His antics with the former Soviets weren’t much better. During Leonid Brezhnev’s tenure, the Soviet Union expanded militarily and engaged in several coups funded by the Kremlin. Carter’s reputation as a foreign policy wimp encouraged the Russians to install Communist regimes in Vietnam, Angola, Somalia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Grenada, Nicaragua, and South Yemen.
All the while, the American military was underequipped, underfunded, and underpaid.

As if Carter’s bumbling as President weren’t enough, it pales in comparison to his post-Oval Office behavior.
He cuddled up with Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista regime, wrote letters to members of the United Nations opposing any interference with Iraq’s aggression in Kuwait, traveled to Pyongyang and praised Kim Il-Sung, announcing that that Pyongyang was a “bustling city where shoppers pack the department stores”.
That’s great news of the rest of North Korea; since they have virtually no electricity and a diet consisting of grass soup.

Included on Carter’s past and present A-list list of friends: Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and former Haitian butcher and junta leader Raul Cédras.
It reads like a who’s who of global despots.

He refuses to let go of the office he was kicked out of in 1980. His free-lance anti-American diplomacy is an embarrassment and a disgrace. His arrogance and stupidity doesn’t just affect himself. The problem is that he gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies and there is a segment of like-minded sycophants who endorse his grotesque behavior.

Do us all a favor, Jimmy. Stick to building “Crack houses for humanity”.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter: Portrait of an Abject Failure”

  1. Ivan Sirko,

    The comment was indeed a “crack”….especially considering the “habits” of the residents.

  2. Nick,

    U.S. Presidents have limited influence over the ecomomy. Like it or not, the world economy is determined by many factors outside the control of any one particular leader. The strength or weakness of one currency against another, the fluctuation of Nasdaq and Dow Jones because of erratic trading, international relations, and so on, contribute to the overall economy. The least that we can do is to look out for our own best interest. I would not tolerate some of the current trade practices. If we are to pay exhorbitant import tariffs to countries like Japan, (who in 2003 increased its import tariff on US beef from 35.5 % to 50%) we need to respond in kind. Free trade should be determined by supply, demand, and fair price for the import. Trade wars are not pleasant, but for our own economic survival, we need to take a tough stance against the outrageous trade deficit. As for our own part, lowering taxes, and stopping the pork barrel spending would help.
    As for Carter vs Clinton, I prefer neither.

  3. I prefer Clinton to Carter.

    Points for Clinton
    1. Economy under Clinton was better even if it was despite what Clinton did: raising taxes.

    2. Carter screwed up Korea for Clinton and America despite instructions not to do it.

    3. I think that Clinton would be more fun to be with in many imagined situation: at a strip bar :-), playing cards etc… could’nt trust him but as long as Hillary wasn’t there, fun.

    Points for Carter
    1. Probably has a nicer wife

  4. Great post.

    >> Do us all a favor, Jimmy. Stick to building “Crack houses for humanity”.

    This is NOT a joke: Within the past several weeks, I heard on the radio that a house that Carter built for Habitat for Humanity was built on a landfill and the foundation had cracked allowing bad odors and dangerous gases to enter the house.

    I have been unable to find this story on the Web.
    If ““Crack houses for humanity” referred to this, please post the link.

    If not ““Crack houses for humanity” is a clever “Crack” 🙂

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