Joe Biden Goes to Costco, Spot the Racist

Joe “they’re gonna put ‘yall back in chains” Biden stopped by Costco for a little shopping and a photo op.

If this had been a Republican…you know the rest:

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Driving Mr. Daisy.

Costco Execs Craig Jelinek and Jim Sinegal are big time Obama donors and they’re  head over heels for his socialist economics.

By the way: Don’t think that Costco isn’t aware of the upcoming dividend tax increases under Obama; right now it’s giving massive dividend payouts to shareholders.

Just wait until ObamaCare kicks in full force. Since executives Jelinek and Sinegal support wealth redistribution, higher taxes, and unsustainable debt, they won’t mind ending up like Hostess.

But hey fellas, you didn’t build that, remember?


1 thought on “Joe Biden Goes to Costco, Spot the Racist”

  1. Awesome GIF!

    I could not help notice that Biden had one of those liberal slaves pushing his cart around for him. Now that they have control they can act more in their natural setting.

    Was that raceristic of me?

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