Joe Biden Was Privy To Hunter’s Business Deals

So, he lied when he insisted he knew nothing about his son’s business deals.  The ones that he was also involved with.

Conservative Brief

House Republicans are investigating Joe Biden amid bombshell revelations suggesting the career politician not only knew that his son Hunter was influence-peddling by brazenly selling access to his dad but directly profited from the shady deals.

Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah — a fellow with the Government Accountability Institute — said there’s damning evidence indicating Biden was well aware of Hunter’s suspicious foreign business dealings during his 50-year political career.

The GAI is a Florida-based nonprofit think-tank that investigates government corruption.

“There is direct evidence that Joe Biden himself — Joe and Jill Biden — took direct benefit by using assets and things that were purchased based on the transactions that Hunter Biden was involved in and engaged with these foreign entities,” Chaffetz told Fox News host Sean Hannity in July.

Chaffetz cited damning research by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, who reportedly uncovered incriminating materials on a laptop Hunter had abandoned at a Delaware computer-repair shop in April 2019.

The Delaware computer was one of three laptops that Hunter either abandoned, lost, or had stolen from him.

The laptops reportedly contain sensitive, confidential information, including lurid videos and photos of Hunter’s drug escapades and sex tapes that could be used to blackmail his father.

According to multiple press reports, the computers’ hard drives also contain numerous emails detailing Hunter’s lucrative influence-peddling scheme involving wealthy foreign politicians.

……Chaffetz rattled off some of Hunter’s suspicious “business” dealings, which helped him score millions of dollars from sketchy foreign politicians.

“[Hunter] has taken money from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife to the tune of millions of dollars,” Chaffetz said.

“He has flown on Air Force Two with one of his business associates. How does a business associate of Hunter Biden’s fly on Air Force Two to go to Mexico City to set up a deal?”

Chaffetz pointed out: “He has also flown on Air Force Two to China and then he has these Ukraine monies flowing in by the tens of billions of dollars.”



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1 thought on “Joe Biden Was Privy To Hunter’s Business Deals”

  1. It’s almost comical that people like Chaffetz and the rest of the (R) clan are all playing along like it’s “Hunter’s operation” … lol. Which, sure, I guess it is — to the same extent that the customer support rep for. your cell phone company represents the actual OWNERS of the company. Why would Hunter be relevant except and unless his dad were fulfilling the agreements that Hunter were making in his stead..? Or um … in similar terms, anyone figure out why the Clinton Foundation has garnered less revenue for their … “CHARITABLE ACTS” since she no longer has (an additional) .gov email address..?

    The problem now is — dear ol’ dad wouldn’t know what he was even guilty of (assuming there even existed any SEMBLANCE of “equal application of law.”

    It’s all just a big IQ test (which I finally don’t have to spell EYE CUE, as I do on youtube) … to see who can tell they’re immersed in a pseudo-reality in which typing in google the terms:

    Civil Rights Act …
    auto-populates only the the 1964 act … not the 1957 or 1960 acts which Republicans out-supported democrats … just as they did in the 1964 act they all talk about …

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