Joe Paterno Dead at 85

A sad final chapter to his life and career.

 Joe Paterno, who racked up more wins than anyone else in major college football but was fired from Penn State amid a child sex abuse scandal has died. He was 85.

His family released a statement Sunday morning to announce his death.

Paterno’s son Scott announced Nov. 18 that his father was being treated for lung cancer, which was diagnosed in mid-November during a follow-up visit for a bronchial illness.

The storied career of “Joe Pa” included 409 wins in 46 seasons and two national championships.
But his reputation for success with honor was shattered when a former assistant was charged with molesting 10 boys during a 15-year span, including some in the Penn State athletic complex.

Critics said Paterno should have done more to stop it. He was fired Nov. 9.

Paterno and a number of other high ranking Penn State officials hushed up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes for 15 years and never reported him to authorities.  Paterno had a lot of influence and power, there’s no way he couldn’t have shit-canned Sandusky and pushed to see that justice was done for those kids. He would have kept his job and been respected for what he did. Instead, he was tight-lipped about a despicable crime that was committed by one of his own staff.

Penn State fans don’t seem too angry over the sexual assault of kids; just the firing of those who covered it up.  That tells me a lot about Penn State.


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