John Kasich, ObamaCare Lackey

Kasich has just slapped the face of everyone who voted for him.

From Breitbart.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican who campaigned as a budget hawk and rode the Tea Party wave to victory in 2010, has agreed to accept Obamacare funding to expand his state’s Medicaid program, breaking ranks with fellow Republican governors and the Tea Party that elected him.Kasich’s decision, announced yesterday, could encourage other Republican governors to do the same, joining the five who have done so already.

Originally, the Obamacare law forced states to expand their Medicaid programs. Many cash-strapped states objected, and joined the Obamacare lawsuit that the Supreme Court decided last year. One of the few bright spots for conservatives in an otherwise devastating (and, many argued, poorly reasoned) decision was that the Court affirmed the 10th Amendment right of states to opt out of the Medicaid portion of Obamacare.

But a few Republican governors–even those who said they had opposed Obamacare–decided that the federal government’s offer under the law to pay 100% of the initial cost of expansion and 90% thereafter was simply too good to refuse. The prospect of being able to tell voters that he had vastly expanded Medicaid access–and the fear of facing Democrat attacks for not doing so–seems to have enticed Kasich to accept the deal.

Philip Kelin of the Washington Examiner notes that Kasich was likely feeling weakened after losing a referendum on public sector union reforms in 2011. Ironically, voters who rejected those reforms also passed a constitutional amendment on the same ballot that prevents the state from participating in Obamacare’s insurance mandates. Kasich has now retreated from a stance against Obamacare that once enjoyed wide public support.

Kasich has lost all credibility. Caving in to ObamaCare is a disgrace and a betrayal of the Tea Party supporters and Republicans who got him elected. ObamaCare is a socialist big government disaster.  Employers cannot afford the impending outrageous costs and people who might have been able to afford their employer’s insurance will now be placed on the government-controlled healthcare abyss.  The IRS will engage in jack-booted thuggery to penalize and tax people who don’t have healthcare deemed acceptable by the federal government.  He apparently forgot about the constitutional amendment we passed which thwarts the ObamaCare mandates in Ohio. He ran as a candidate for fiscal responsibility, and now he’s a turncoat and a coward.  If he lacks the guts to back up his promises, he should find a new line of work, or better yet, since he just made the DemLeft giddy with joy, he should do the GOP a favor and cross the aisle.


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