John Stossel: America’s Military is Part of What Makes the Country Great



As part of any report about the military, there’s always the perfunctory display of boorish leftwing louts who bad mouth America but not a peep about communist and Islamic countries who invade, destroy, and subjugate.

True courage is demonstrated by those who back up their beliefs with action. I’ve been there. I know what real courage is, and it doesn’t involve leftwingnut asshats who piss and moan about how bad America is, without ever having to sacrifice or take the risks to defend it.
How many candidates have you voted for at the national level that makes it a point to rail against the “evil military industrial complex” or demonstrated a very clear willingness to cut military spending every chance they get, particularly during the so-called “peace dividend” years under Bill Clinton when a significant number of our fighting men and women had to live on food stamps just to make ends meet? Despite your self-serving rhetoric and obfuscation, you really can’t truly “support the troops” if you’re busy undermining their mission.

There’s always a fundamental disconnect when you try to explain patriotism, service, and love of country to liberals; they always project their own motivations onto those who serve in the military. They can’t understand things like Duty, Honor, Country, following the example of others who served, and giving something back to the nation that’s given so much to every one of us. It takes guts and dedication that a relative fraction of the population will ever know. While most of America takes a pass, only a few raise the right hand. Many of us have college degrees and MOSs that require a great deal of acumen, especially under the pressure of being in a combat zone.

The Left has a long-standing visceral hatred of the military, and believe me, the feelings are mutual.



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