Judicial Corruption: Judge Doxxes Juror Who Calls Case a Witch Hunt


In 2020, in the few days between the Democrat National Convention and the Republican National Convention, the Southern District of New York (SDNY) used lawfare to put out a political hit on the We Build the Wall founders and President Trump.  The We Build the Wall campaign was an effort to build a Southern Wall while Congress prevented it from being built.

Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and two others raised over $25 million in private funds and began building sections of the border wall on their own. It was a great success. The group built miles of new border wall on the Rio Grande and in the Sunland Park area.  They built nearly four miles of new wall.  The Department of Homeland Security praised their efforts.

……The fact that Kolfage would dare to build a wall and prevent illegals from flooding the US Southern border INFURIATED Democrats and weak RINOs in Congress. So the SDNY decided to punish the organizers and steal all of their contacts and names of contributors. The SDNY arrested the leaders in another terribly corrupt hit on President Trump supporters.

New York sent 15 Postal Service Agents to Florida to arrest triple amputee Kolfage. They dragged him to their car in the rain without his wheelchair and forced him to pull himself into the vehicle with his one good limb.

Not one of the 15 USPIS agents even considered providing a vehicle that was wheelchair accessible for their arrest of triple-amputee war hero Kolfage. They drove all the way from New York and apparently never even considered the fact that Kolfage had lost three limbs in Iraq and was the most severely injured US airman to survive any war.

…….They charged Brian and others with fraud for taking $350,000 in donations as salary for their work.

The group built more border wall than Republican or Democrat lawmakers had in several years. But the organizers took money to pay for their efforts and expenses while independently building the wall on the Southern border! So they needed to be punished.


They put Kolfage on trial on bogus charges and now the presiding judge has tampered with the proceedings.

Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit has learned from a trusted source that the Southern District of New York is trying to pull a fast one in their case against the We Build the Wall organizers.
Today is day 3 of jury deliberations. This is good news… it means there are holdouts.

I just got this message:

“They are trying to remove a juror that completely agrees with our side and put in an alternate. They are taking a 15 minute break to review case law now.”

They are so corrupt. The prosecution is desperate to not have a mistrial which it is looking like it is going to be right now. Apparently, a mistrial is a massive embarrassment for the SDNY.

“It’s not legal for them to do that so they are looking for solid case law to stop them from doing that.”

Lawyers everywhere pulling case law. Looks like we have a good one

Courthouse News reported:

“The We Build the Wall campaign to crowdfund a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was spearheaded by Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage and Steve Bannon, the erstwhile chief White House strategist to former President Donald Trump. Along with two associates, Kolfage and Bannon were indicted in August 2020 on charges that they siphoned donors’ money from the organization for their personal use.”

Steve Bannon was pardoned by President Trump. Brian Kolfage pleaded guilty after months of threats and abuse by his government. It should be noted that the We Build the Wall organization accomplished more than the US government and at a much lower cost than the US Congress. President Trump later stepped in and built miles of wall as he promised.

We have a shocking update to this case: The judge in the case reportedly outed the juror who called the entire case a witch hunt.
Note that the jurors in this case already had to be vaccinated to make the jury. Also, it’s reported that all the jurors were asked by the judge if they knew the Trump family.

Now we find out that the judge reportedly outed a juror’s name and number and the press got a hold of it. Juror 4 Roberto calls it a “Witch Hunt”.

The judge DOXED the juror.

The judge asked the juror a few questions and then sent him back to deliberate with the rest of the jury. This juror is reportedly an older Jewish guy whose parents survived the Holocaust and he HATES the government corruption. He’s wealthy and refuses to bend. This case may be going to a mistrial.



If taking a salary from a non-profit is a crime, then Hillary and BLM should be doing life sentences.

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