Just a Reminder: Zelensky is Just as Corrupt as Putin

The Ukrainian people are stuck between two despots.

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Conservative commentator Candace Owens has been vocal with her views about Ukraine, having stressed that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is “a very bad character who is working with globalists against the interests of his own people.”

“I will not move one inch away from that assessment—ever—no matter how flowery the media depictions of him are,” Owens insisted in the same tweet she criticized Zelenskyy.

She also noted on her talk show that “Ukraine wasn’t a thing until 1989. Ukraine was created by the Russians…They speak Russian,” which drew the prerequisite “pro-Putin” charge. A charge that was energized when Owens commented on how some Russians are being treated in America.

“Absolutely appalling the way Russians are being treated in America and abroad. That our leaders and government institutions are allowing for—and at times calling for this discrimination following their global ‘black lives matter’ hysteria is quite telling. Russian Lives Matter,” she tweeted last week.

All of which brings us to Monday, when Owens shared in a tweet that the New York Times asked her about her thoughts on Ukraine. A request that blew up in the newspaper’s face.

“Received an email from The NYTimes asking for comment regarding me ‘advancing ideas that Ukraine is a corrupt country’—similar to Russian state TV. I replied informing them that I actually got my ideas from the New York Times, and provided them links to their past articles,” she tweeted, even adding a receipt.


American Wire

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wants to know “why is everyone lying” in light of the latest that is happening in Ukraine, telling viewers of his nightly show that “real democracy is a rare thing.”

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” opened with a monologue Monday focused on the hallmarks of democracy and how the latest actions by Ukraine’s president should actually give one pause as the eastern European nation continues to defend itself against the onslaught of a Russian invasion.

“Why go the extra step to tell us that Ukraine is a model democracy when it’s not at all?” Carlson wondered about the reactions from U.S. leaders.

“What exactly is democracy? Well, pluralism is the hallmark of it. In a democracy, citizens can have any opinion they want to have. They can express any opinion they want in public whenever they care to express it, including through mass media,” Carlson began. “These are not just features of democracy. These are prerequisites for democracy.”

He went on to note how over the weekend, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy banned a political party in Ukraine called Opposition Platform for Life and ten other political parties, acknowledging that the leader essentially declared martial law as the embattled nation continues to be pummeled by invading Russia.

Zelenskyy thus basically created a one-party state, Carlson contended while noting that he “then seized control of the country’s media outlets. Zelenskyy signed a decree that combines all national television channels into a single platform that he controls. He described this as a ‘unified information policy,’ and it certainly is unified.”

“So, if all of these details seem shocking to you, if this is not the Zelenskyy you’ve heard about on the Today Show, then you may not have been paying attention to Ukraine. Zelenskyy has been solidifying complete control over Ukraine for a long time, since long before the Russian invasion and the war,” Carlson said. “Last year, he had his main political opponent arrested and his assets seized by the state. At the same time, Zelenskyy shut down three of Ukraine’s most popular television networks—channels that, not coincidentally, had criticized him.”

……Going on to note the reactions of politicians and media talking heads on the bravery of the Ukrainian people and Zelenskyy’s defiance of President Vladimir Putin, Carlson argued that, while it’s understandable to cheer on the nation’s fight for freedom, “just because what Russia has done in Ukraine was wrong doesn’t mean you have to lie about the Ukrainian government.”

“Why is everyone lying? Why not just say, ‘Look, it’s outrageous that Russia did this and….we like Ukraine better. We’re going to support Ukraine.’ Fine. Why go the extra step to tell us that Ukraine is a model democracy when it’s not at all? Why are they doing that?” he asked.

……While there are plenty of “heroic Ukrainian citizens” who are deserving of praise and admiration for bravery in the face of the invasion, Carlson contends that “a war is being waged in America’s name with our money, so it’s fair to ask how the side we are backing is doing.”

“They have a right to fight back and expel the Russians from their country and for the fifth time, we’re rooting for that. But we’re paying for this. So, we have a right to know exactly what’s happening. We have an absolute right to know,” he said.

“This is a war with moral implications. This is a war the White House is involved in at every level. So, when the Ukrainian government does something, we have an interest in knowing exactly what it is and what it means, but more than anything, we have an overriding interest and a moral obligation to keep the United States free,” Carlson concluded.


In January of 2021, Zelensky banned opposition media , opposition parties, and imposed martial law when Russia started its attack on Ukraine.  He also ordered house arrest for pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. The country has a lengthy history of corruption.

As for Russia, Vladimir Putin uses the old Soviet standby to get rid of dissent.  He assassinates political opponents.  Opposition activist Artem Basyrov, was sent to a psychiatric hospital by authorities a day before a planned demonstration.  Putin also tightened his grip on the media by replacing the main news agency with one that will propagate his message without objections.

Vladimir Putin engineered his return to power through corruption, intimidation, murder, and setting up Dmitry Medvedev as a temporary sockpuppet.  His domestic spying program is a carbon copy of the old KGB.  Everything he does is a throwback to the old Soviet regime.

Biden’s foreign policy disasters and his decaying mental state have our allies shaking their heads and our enemies laughing their asses off.

Russia will do what it wants with Ukraine.  It’s not in America’s interest to give a shit.

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