Keith Ellison Mugs for Jihad T.V.

Remember this puke?:

Keith Ellison, (D) Minnessota, gave a speech at the National Conference for Media Reform that would make Ayman al Zawahiri burst with fascist pride.

The gist of his “message” is that the United States is an “imperial power” and that we should get rid of “hate radio” and Fox news.

Then he went overseas on a peace, love, and granola tour to opine that the war against Islamic terrorism could have been avoided “if we had a stronger cultural connection to peace”. Right.

He also popped up in Iraq just to let everybody know that the success shouldn’t be ‘overplayed’.
Must be all that influence from his Nation of Islam membership, accepting thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the terrorist front CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), and the “Reichtag fire response to 9/11”.

Well, he’s back doing his part for the Hamas propaganda effort, this time on Al Jazeera:

“The people who have a strong sympathy for the Israeli position are … dominate the conversation. And it’s really not politically safe to say, look, there are two sides to this, and Israel has not been a angel in this, and certainly there have been people on the Palestinian side who have not contributed to a constructive solution.”

Scuse the fuck outta me, but there’s overwhelming bias against Israel in the world press in spite of the fact that its been putting up with attacks from the Palestinians in Gaza, for months.
Israel got fed up with the latest round of rockets being lobbed into its territory and gave ample warning as to what would happen if it didn’t stop. When they finally struck back, the liberal media and their partisan political hacks had convulsions.

Ellison is a useful muslim idiot for the Islamic jihad…right here in our own government, no less.

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