Kennedy Biographer Revises Teddy’s Tainted History

Apparently, Hersh thinks he can split atoms…with his mind.

For many, the name Chappaquiddick conjures images of a drunken Sen. Edward Kennedy hitting on Mary Jo Kopechne in his Oldsmobile, losing control, and plunging into the water of Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island, adjacent to Martha’s Vineyard……Kopechne, a family friend, drowned; and Teddy fumbled for excuses about what happened.

Now, a year after Kennedy died, his lifelong biographer Burton Hersh, armed with fresh interviews with Kennedy’s mistress at the time, tells Whispers that the whole July 1969 episode should have been handled as a simple crash, leaving the senator’s legacy untainted. “It was a car accident,” he says. “Ted was a terrible driver. He never paid much attention to where he was going.”

“He took a tremendous blow on the head,” says Hersh. In interviews following the crash, Kennedy displayed confusion and amnesia, he says.

“If the thing had been handled properly, the first thing they would have done is put him in a hospital. Then they would have said he was a victim of an auto accident and didn’t know what he was doing and couldn’t be held responsible for anything that happened really after that, which would have been a fair explanation,” says author-journalist Hersh, who knew Kennedy since they were classmates at Harvard. “But instead, he felt terribly guilty about the whole thing … tried to take responsibility and … just confused the issue.”

Hey ya know what Hersh? While you’re careening down the road of historical revision, Teddy’s clean up crew could have fixed it so that it looked like Mary Jo was all by herself that night…or better yet that her body was never found. That way, the drunken philandering lout could have claimed he just slipped in the bath tub.


Even after their death, there’s always a Kennedy apologist crawling out of the woodwork.

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